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Handshake was the newsletter / magazine of the Signal Processing Systems (SPS) users group, later called Instrumentation and Instrument Systems Group.

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Issue Contents / Referenced Products
Handshake V.1 N.3 Spring 1976 Fast Fourier Transform
Handshake V.1 N.4 Summer 1976 Metals analysis - laser spectroscopy, ultrasonic testing, fatigue testing
Handshake V.2 N.4 Summer 1977 Transient analysis
Handshake V.3 N.1 Fall 1977 Automatic Test Equipment
Handshake V.3 N.2 Winter 1977/78 GPIB; Swept RF measurement
Handshake V.3 N.3 Spring 1978 Spectrum analysis; EMI testing
Handshake V.3 N.4 Summer 1978 Optical fiber evaluation
Handshake V.4 N.1 Fall 1978 Programmability; 7912AD
Handshake V.4 N.2 Winter 1978/79 Signal processing basics tutorial
Handshake V.4 N.3 Spring/Summer 1979 Pulse parameter measurements
Handshake V.4 N.4 Fall/Winter 1979 7912AD to 4051/4052 data transfer;
Handshake V.5 N.1 Spring/Summer 1980 7612D; WP1310; Tek SPS Basic release
Handshake V.5 N.2 Fall 1980 Image processing; 7612D
Handshake V.5 N.3 Winter 1980/1981 GPIB; Controlling 7854, 7612D, CG551AP with Tek SPS BASIC;
Handshake V.6 N.1 Spring/Summer 1981 Data logging; WP2251/WP2252/WP3201/WP3202
Handshake V.6 N.2 Fall 1981 TM5000 introduction; 4041 controller;
Handshake V.7 N.1 Spring/Summer 1982 7912AD applications; TEK BASIC Graphics; Enhanced 4050 series GPIB ROM;
Handshake V.7 N.2 Fall 1982
Handshake V.7 N.3 Winter 1982/1983 Connecting to DUT – probes, switching (1360, SI5010), interfacing (MI5010); 7D20; 390AD; 4932 GPIB Extender
Handshake V.8 N.1 Summer 1983
Handshake V.8 N.2 Fall/Winter 1983 Digitizers in R&D; 7D20, 7912AD, 336, MI5010, 7A42, A6902A
Handshake V.9 N.1 Spring/Summer 1984 Preparing waveforms for signal processing; 4025A; 1240; PS5004;
Handshake V.9 N.2 Fall/Winter 1984/85 4695; 4105; 468; 2465; 7D20; MI5010
Handshake V.10 N.1 Spring 1985 390AD Digitizer
Handshake V.10 N.2 Summer 1985 Running 7854 with the IBM PC; 5223 for neurophysiology;
Handshake V.10 N.3 Fall/Winter 1985 Systems go portable; 2220, 2230, 2430;
Handshake V.11 N.1 Spring 1986 MP2902 Audio Measurement Package; 4041 Plus, 4041DDU; 1984/85 index
Handshake V.11 N.2 Summer 1986 TSI8150 Test System Interface; Automated TDR measurements (7854+7S12); 2467
Handshake V.11 N.3 Fall 1986 DCS01 Camera; 7250;
Handshake V.11 N.3 Winter 1986/87 (missing pages) 11300
Handshake V.12 N.1 Spring 1987 RTD710; 7912HB; 7F10; Modeling for EMP;
Handshake V.12 N.2 Summer 1987 Portable measurements; 2430A; 2225; 7A29P;
Handshake V.12 N.3 Fall 1987 AFG5101; 2220/2221/2230; P6701/P6702; RS-232 interface
Handshake V.12 N.4 Winter 1987/1988 PEP301 controller; 2432; HC100 color plotter
Handshake V.13 N.1 Spring 1988 Tektronix goes to school – CRS101, 2205, 2210, 2220, 2225, CDM250, CFC250, CFG250, CPS250; 1230;
Handshake V.13 N.2 Summer 1988 Dynamic A/D characterization; 370, 371
Handshake V.13 N.3 Fall 1988 2630 Fourier Analyzer; S-42; 2465B, 2467B; 11301A, 11302A; T202; RTD710A
Handshake V.13 N.4 Winter 1988 High-precision picosecond measurements – 11800 series; Removing fixture delays; Sampling concepts; i-Pattern software; P6701/P6751
Handshake V.14 N.1 Spring 1989 2510 TestLab; 3052; 11403; SD-42; 2815; PFG5105; 222; 11201; DM5120; 11A72; Shock/vibration analysis – TAK500, TAK501, TAK502, TAK503, TAK50; 2410; 2402; Differential TDR with 11800 series;
Handshake V.14 N.2 Summer 1989 DSA600 series; 2782; PEP201; 2211; LTS2000 Laser Diode Tester; 2431L; 2622 Fourier Analyzer; RF160;
Handshake V.14 N.3 Fall 1989 Prism 3000; 2782; 2232; 2224; DM5110; VXI introduction; 3-D analysis of interleavedharmonic signals;
Handshake V.14 N.4 Winter 1989/1990 High-speed communication signal analysis – CSA803, SSD-30, SD-46; SCD1000, SCD5000, RTD720; 1230DSM, 30DSM scope plugins; 2467BHD; 2710; 2721/2722 CATV sweep; CG5010; 11201A, 11402A;

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