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Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date Cites
Patent AU 1028470A AU 1028470A Multistable circuit including elements preset for conduction Hiro Moriyasu Tektronix Inc 1969-01-21 1970-01-14
Patent AU 2001238550 AU 2001238550 Membrane probing system Gene Cowan Mike P. Dauphinais Martin J. Koxxy Kenneth R. Smith Paul A. Tervo Cascade Microtech, Inc. 2000-02-25 2001-02-20
Patent AU 438245 AU 438245 Multistable circuit including elements preset for conduction Hiro Moriyasu Tektronix Inc 1969-01-21 1970-01-14
Patent CA 1018684A CA 1018684A Oscilloscope sampling system Luis Navarro Wim Velsink Jack Gilmore Hiro Moriyasu Luis Navarro, Wim Velsink, Tektronix, Jack Gilmore, Hiro Moriyasu 1973-01-08 1976-06-04
Patent CA 1032281A CA 1032281A Oscilloscope system for acquiring, processing, and displaying information Luis Navarro Hiro Moriyasu Wim Velsink Jack Gilmore Tektronix 1973-01-08 1974-01-07
Patent CA 1038440A CA 1038440A Dual-beam crt Conrad Odenthal Tektronix Inc 1977-09-22 1978-09-12
Patent CA 1044745A CA 1044745A Dual beam crt Conrad Odenthal Tektronix Inc 1975-06-06 1978-12-19
Patent CA 1149003A CA 1149003A Electron gun having a low capacitance cathode and grid assembly Conrad Odenthal Tektronix Inc 1980-01-31 1983-06-28
Patent CA 793994A CA 793994A Automatic time base rate circuit Hiro Moriyasu Tektronix Inc 1968-09-03
Patent CA 798503A CA 798503A Trigger level control circuit Hiro Moriyasu Tektronix Inc 1968-11-05
Patent CA 907199A CA 907199A Read only memory employing striplines Hiro Moriyasu Tektronix Inc 1972-08-08
Patent CA 910988A CA 910988A Transmission line circuit having common delay line for two signal paths of opposite direction Hiro Moriyasu Tektronix Inc 1972-09-26
Patent EP 0110614 EP 0110614 Current-limiting mechanism for a precision differential amplifier Art Metz Ken Schlotzhauer Tektronix Inc 1983-11-15 1987-01-14 Patent US 4146844A
Patent EP 0114731B1 EP 0114731B1 Differential amplifier with high common-mode rejection Wink Gross Tektronix Inc 1984-01-12 1986-09-10
Patent EP 0163443B1 EP 0163443B1 Cathode ray tube astigmatism correction apparatus Conrad Odenthal Tektronix Inc 1985-05-09 1990-08-16
Patent EP 0206518A3 EP 0206518A3 Vertical raster scan controller John D. Bowne Les Larson Tektronix Inc 1986-05-21 1986-12-30
Patent EP 0238747B1 EP 0238747B1 Low jitter digital delay generator George J. Caspell Agoston Agoston Tektronix Inc 1986-10-20 1991-12-04
Patent EP 0239696B1 EP 0239696B1 Linearity correcting control circuit for tunable delay line Laszlo Janos Dobos Agoston Agoston Tektronix Inc 1986-10-16 1993-11-24
Patent EP 0244248B1 EP 0244248B1 Electro-optic sampler Agoston Agoston Cornelis T. Veenendaal Tektronix Inc 1987-04-30 1995-01-11
Patent EP 0244826A2 EP 0244826A2 Multiple beam electron discharge tube having beam convergence and beam-to-beam compression compensation Conrad Odenthal Tektronix Inc 1987-05-05 1987-11-11
Patent EP 0248962B1 EP 0248962B1 Comb generators Agoston Agoston Stan Kaveckis Tektronix Inc 1986-11-05 1993-05-12
Patent EP 0415562B1 EP 0415562B1 Grid assemblies for use in cathode ray tube Conrad Odenthal Tektronix Inc 1990-07-30 1995-11-02
Patent EP 0462626B1 EP 0462626B1 Travelling wave sampler Agoston Agoston Tektronix Inc 1986-10-20 1993-08-11
Patent EP 1570279 EP 1570279 Guarded tub enclosure John Dunklee Greg Nordgren Gene Cowan Cascade Microtech, Inc. 2002-12-13 2003-10-27
Patent EP0574918A1 EP 0574918A1 Selectable AC or DC coupling for coaxial transmission lines Robert J. Lewandowski Daniel G. Dow Fred Telewski Fluke Corp 1993-06-17 1993-12-22
Patent GB 460562A GB 460562A Improvements In and Relating to Thermionic Valve Circuits W.S.Percival 1935-07-24 1937-01-25
Patent US 2004143201 US 2004143201 Method of supporting and fastening for effective energy transfer utilizing a vibrating motor for a floor mat application Hiro Moriyasu Hiro Moriyasu 2003-01-17 2003-01-17
Patent US 2009125269 US 2009125269 Channel reconfigurable logic analyzer Ronald Arthur ACUFF Les Larson Kevin E. GOSGROVE Tektronix Inc 2008-10-15
Patent US 2011074389 US 2011074389 Signal Acquisition System Having Probe Cable Termination in a Signal Processing Instrument Dan Knierim Josiah A. BARTLETT Ira G. Pollock Les Larson Tektronix Inc 2010-07-29
Patent US 2011074391 US 2011074391 Signal Acquisition System Having a Compensation Digital Filter Josiah A. BARTLETT Ira G. Pollock Dan Knierim Les Larson Scott R. Jansen Kenneth P. Dobyns Michael Duane Stevens Tektronix Inc 2010-07-29
Patent US 2011074392 US 2011074392 Signal Acquisition System Having Reduced Probe Loading of a Device Under Test Josiah A. BARTLETT Ira G. Pollock Dan Knierim Les Larson Scott R. Jansen Kenneth P. Dobyns Michael Duane Stevens Tektronix Inc 2010-07-29
Patent US 2011074441 US 2011074441 Low Capacitance Signal Acquisition System Josiah A. BARTLETT Ira G. Pollock Dan Knierim Les Larson Scott R. Jansen Kenneth P. Dobyns Michael Duane Stevens Tektronix Inc 2009-09-30
Patent US 2012299579 US 2012299579 Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing Dan Knierim Tektronix Inc 2011-05-26
Patent US 2013022133 US 2013022133 Wideband Balun Structure Dan Knierim James S. Lamb Josiah A. BARTLETT Tektronix Inc 2011-12-31
Patent US 2014002292 US 2014002292 Almost real-time sampling for ground-penetrating radar impulses Dan Knierim Tektronix Inc 2012-06-28
Patent US 2014103951 US 2014103951 Automatic probe ground connection checking techniques Dan Knierim William A. Hagerup Barton T. Hickman Ira G. Pollock Tektronix Inc 2012-10-11
Patent US 2280524A US 2280524A Electrical wave analysis Siegfried Hansen General Electric 1940-11-01 1942-04-21
Patent US 2280531A US 2280531A Oscillograph apparatus Donald E Norgaard General Electric 1940-11-01 1942-04-21
Patent US 2548457A US 2548457A Coaxial connector for high-frequency transmission lines Harold M Wilson General Radio 1947-01-10 1951-04-10
Patent US 2577506A US 2577506A Amplifier Logan Belleville Logan Belleville 1945-07-09 1951-12-04
Patent US 2752527A US 2752527A Method of magnifying waveforms on a cathode-ray tube and circuit therefor Dick Ropiequet Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1956-06-26
Patent US 2769904A US 2769904A Gated sweep generator Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1956-11-06
Patent US 2769905A US 2769905A Sweep circuit Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1956-11-06
Patent US 2778935A US 2778935A Cascode multivibrator Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1957-01-22
Patent US 2791642A US 2791642A Phase inversion circuit John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1953-07-06 1957-05-07
Patent US 2804571A US 2804571A Unblanking circuit for cathode ray tubes John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1953-04-20 1957-08-27
Patent US 2826694A US 2826694A Free-running multivibrator Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1955-03-10 1958-03-11
Patent US 2836807A US 2836807A Ceramic terminal mount Ted Goodfellow Robert J Davis Tektronix Inc 1953-04-20 1958-05-27
Patent US 2853609A US 2853609A Multivibrator hold off circuit Dick Ropiequet John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1955-02-21 1958-09-23
Patent US 2883619A US 2883619A Electrical probe John Kobbe Bill Polits Tektronix Inc 1956-02-29 1959-04-21
Patent US 2922074A US 2922074A Electron beam deflection structure Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1956-09-17 1960-01-19
Patent US 2924712A US 2924712A Sweep voltage generator George Edens Tektronix Inc 1957-09-23 1960-02-09
Patent US 2930986A US 2930986A Distributed amplifier John Kobbe Bill Polits Tektronix Inc 1956-02-29 1960-03-29
Patent US 3009094A US 3009094A Current control circuit Charlie Rhodes Tektronix Inc 1959-04-20 1961-11-14
Patent US 3011129A US 3011129A Plural series gate sampling circuit using positive feedback K. B. Magleby V. E. Van Duzer Hewlett-Packard 1959-08-10 1961-11-28
Patent US 3022973A US 3022973A Support device Jim Morrow Jamie N Boyle Tektronix Inc 1958-07-22 1962-02-27
Patent US 3023336A US 3023336A Cathode ray tube having post acceleration Lothar Frenkel Tektronix Inc 1957-10-25 1962-02-27
Patent US 3061788A US 3061788A Multivibrator hold-off circuit John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1958-09-17 1962-10-30
Patent US 3071737A US 3071737A Signal energy take off device Tat Cheong Lam Tektronix Inc 1961-06-26 1963-01-01
Patent US 3074011A US 3074011A Turret device for electric circuits Langdon C Hedrick Tektronix Inc 1958-10-20 1963-01-15
Patent US 3074020A US 3074020A Bistable multivibrator which changes states in response to a single limited range, variable input signal Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1959-11-24 1963-01-15
Patent US 3105945A US 3105945A Signal energy take off device Sam McCutcheon Norm Winningstad Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1960-11-07 1963-10-01
Patent US 3121020A US 3121020A Coating method and apparatus for notches and other surface discontinuities Robert Low Tektronix Inc 1960-05-31 1964-02-11
Patent US 3122652A US 3122652A Time base generator John Kobbe Oz Svehaug Tektronix Inc 1960-12-21 1964-02-25
Patent US 3134077A US 3134077A Electrical probe apparatus for measuring the characteristics of semiconductor material Thomas B Hutchins IV William C Myers Jean F DeLord Tektronix Inc 1961-09-18 1964-05-19
Patent US 3138764A US 3138764A Ramp generator employing comparator circuit for maintaining constant starting voltages for different timing resistors Oliver Dalton Bob Rullman Tektronix Inc 1962-07-09 1964-06-23
Patent US 3149903A US 3149903A Optical apparatus Maury Merrick Tektronix Inc 1960-12-29 1964-09-22
Patent US 3150247A US 3150247A Coaxial connector and switch combination Bob White Tektronix Inc 1962-04-26 1964-09-22
Patent US 3153581A US 3153581A Large area connection for semiconductors and method of making Thomas B Hutchins IV Tektronix Inc 1960-11-21 1964-10-20
Patent US 3153734A US 3153734A Comparator circuits for determining when a number is greater than a predetermined number Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1962-06-18 1964-10-20
Patent US 3159780A US 3159780A Semiconductor bridge rectifier Paul F Parks Tektronix Inc 1961-06-19 1964-12-01
Patent US 3168656A US 3168656A Transmission line circuit having termination impedance which includes emitter junction of transistor John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1962-06-18 1965-02-02
Patent US 3168679A US 3168679A Intensity control compensation circuit for use in a cathode ray oscilloscope John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1961-05-08 1965-02-02
Patent US 3174070A US 3174070A Electron beam deflection structure with compensation for beam transit time Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1961-08-14 1965-03-16 Patent US 2922074A
Patent US 3181086A US 3181086A Electrical switch with the outer conductors of coaxial leads connected to spaced shield plates Sam McCutcheon Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1961-06-12 1965-04-27
Patent US 3185887A US 3185887A Deflection amplifier compensation linearizer circuit John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1961-03-20 1965-05-25
Patent US 3187118A US 3187118A Electrical switch having means for interconnecting concentric switch shafts Marlow D Butler Oz Svehaug Tektronix Inc 1962-01-18 1965-06-01
Patent US 3188244A US 3188244A Method of forming pn junction in semiconductor material Thomas B Hutchins IV Jean F DeLord William C Myers Tektronix Inc 1961-04-24 1965-06-08
Patent US 3188264A US 3188264A Loose fill packing material Robert E Holden Tektronix Inc 1962-12-21 1965-06-08
Patent US 3196292A US 3196292A Noise suppressor circuit Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1964-02-26 1965-07-20
Patent US 3207861A US 3207861A Dual switch assembly including two switches operated independently by a common driveshaft Bob White Tektronix Inc 1963-06-20 1965-09-21
Patent US 3207936A US 3207936A Electron beam display device William H Wilbanks Robert H Johnson Chan H Wang Frank C Erzen Tektronix Inc 1961-08-21 1965-09-21
Patent US 3214516A US 3214516A Storage tube and electrical readout apparatus and method for such tube Bob Anderson Tektronix Inc 1962-12-19 1965-10-26
Patent US 3214607A US 3214607A Pulse generator circuit John V Rogers Tektronix Inc 1961-08-15 1965-10-26
Patent US 3214631A US 3214631A Tube having target with store and/or non-store sections Bob Anderson Tektronix Inc 1962-08-06 1965-10-26
Patent US 3215948A US 3215948A Triggering circuit for automatically changing the mode of operation of a signal generator Oliver Dalton Tektronix Inc 1962-03-23 1965-11-02
Patent US 3215959A US 3215959A Shielded electrical attenuator assembly Wim Velsink Tektronix Inc 1963-08-19 1965-11-02
Patent US 3219801A US 3219801A Pulse counter John Kobbe Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1961-08-25 1965-11-23
Patent US 3227992A US 3227992A Mounting device for transistor socket and other components William W Strong Tektronix Inc 1963-10-21 1966-01-04
Patent US 3229106A US 3229106A Method of modulating light with intrinsic semiconductor device and electrical signal modulator employing such device Jean F DeLord William C Myers Kent H Johnston Tektronix Inc 1961-10-16 1966-01-11
Patent US 3229212A US 3229212A Direct sampling apparatus John V Rogers Tektronix Inc 1963-02-18 1966-01-11
Patent US 3247462A US 3247462A Balanced paraphase amplifier including a feed forward path John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1963-08-19 1966-04-19
Patent US 3248655A US 3248655A Ratchet memory circuit and sampling system employing such circuit John Kobbe Cliff Moulton John V Rogers Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1962-05-07 1966-04-26 Patent US 3011129A
Patent US 3249866A US 3249866A Direct reading bridge circuit David D Barr Jr Albert S Crane Tektronix Inc 1962-09-13 1966-05-03
Patent US 3253144A US 3253144A Electron lens having means for correcting astigmatism Gertrude F Rempfer Tektronix Inc 1963-05-27 1966-05-24
Patent US 3253225A US 3253225A Hybrid amplifier circuit Oliver Dalton Bob Rullman Tektronix Inc 1962-04-26 1966-05-24
Patent US 3255393A US 3255393A Metal to semiconductor rectifying junction Thomas B Hutchins IV George C Douglas Tektronix Inc 1961-12-04 1966-06-07
Patent US 3255419A US 3255419A Wide band amplifier circuit having current amplifier input stage and operational amplifier output stage Jim Knapton Oliver Dalton Tektronix Inc 1963-06-18 1966-06-07
Patent US 3256484A US 3256484A High voltage test probe containing a part gas, part liquid dielectric fluid under pressure and having a transparent housing section for viewing the presence of the liquid therein Paul V Terry Tektronix Inc 1962-09-10 1966-06-14
Patent US 3258765A US 3258765A Digital to analog converter Carl Battjes Sylvania 1963-01-23 1966-06-28