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This is a wikified and amended version of the Tektronix_Part_Numbers.pdf file from the KO4BB website.

Tektronix 003-0707-00 cam switch repair kit
Tektronix 010-0238-00 P6022 AC current probe
Tektronix 010-0301-00 attenuator head for P170CF 4-40X
Tektronix 010-0302-00 attenuator head for P170CF 20-200X
Tektronix 010-0303-00 attenuator head for P170CF 200-2000X
Tektronix 010-0353-00 100X attenuator P6023
Tektronix 010-0354-00 200X attenuator P6023
Tektronix 010-0355-00 500X attenuator P6023
Tektronix 010-0356-00 1000X attenuator P6023
Tektronix 010-0361-00 P6046 dual attenuator head 10X
Tektronix 010-0364-00 10X attenuator for S-3A
Tektronix 010-0365-00 100X attenuator for S-3A
Tektronix 010-0376-00 10X Attenuator for P6201
Tektronix 010-0377-00 100X Attenuator for P6201
Tektronix 010-0384-00 10X Attenuator for P6202A
Tektronix 010-0576-00 probes for A6907, A6909
Tektronix 010-6451-02 P6451 data acquisition probe (for 7D01, 7D02, DL502, LA501A, WR501, 308, 318, 338)
Tektronix 010-6601-01 P6601 temperature probe
Tektronix 011-0001-00 UHF 52ohm 1.5W feedthrough termination
Tektronix 011-0002-00 UHF 52ohm 5X 1.5W L-pad
Tektronix 011-0003-00 UHF 52ohm 10X 1.5W L-pad
Tektronix 011-0004-00 UHF 52ohm to 75ohm minimum loss pad
Tektronix 011-0005-00 UHF 52ohm to 170ohm minimum loss pad
Tektronix 011-0006-00 UHF 52ohm 10X 1.5W attenuator
Tektronix 011-0007-00 UHF 75ohm 1.5W feedthrough termination
Tektronix 011-0008-00 UHF 75ohm 5X 1.5W L-pad
Tektronix 011-0009-00 UHF 75ohm 10X 1.5W L-pad
Tektronix 011-0010-00 UHF 75ohm 10X 1.5W attenuator
Tektronix 011-0011-00 UHF 93ohm 1.5W feedthrough termination
Tektronix 011-0012-00 UHF 93ohm 1.5W 5X L-pad
Tektronix 011-0013-00 UHF 93ohm 1.5W 10X L-pad
Tektronix 011-0014-00 UHF 93ohm to 52ohm minimum loss pad
Tektronix 011-0015-00 UHF 93ohm 10X attenuator
Tektronix 011-0016-00 UHF 170ohm 1.5W feedthrough termination
Tektronix 011-0017-00 UHF 170ohm step attenuator 1-64dB 0.25W
Tektronix 011-0021-00 RC normalizer 1M 47pF UHF
Tektronix 011-0022-00 RC normalizer 1M 20pF UHF
Tektronix 011-0026-00 UHF 52ohm to 170ohm 10X attenuator
Tektronix 011-0029-00 RC normalizer 1M 24pF UHF
Tektronix 011-0030-00 RC normalizer 1M 47pF UHF
Tektronix 011-0032-00 UHF 5x attenuator 50-ohm 1.5W
Tektronix 011-0045-01 terminator 50ohm 2W 
Tektronix 011-0049-01 BNC 50ohm 2W feedthrough termination 1GHz
Tektronix 011-0051-00 RC normalizer 1M 12pF BNC
Tektronix 011-0053-00 RC normalizer 1M 47pF BNC
Tektronix 011-0055-00 BNC 75ohm 1W feedthrough termination
Tektronix 011-0066-00 RC normalizer 1M 20pF BNC
Tektronix 011-0067-00 RC normalizer 1M 24pF BNC
Tektronix 011-0068-00 RC normalizer 1M 47pF BNC
Tektronix 011-0069-02 BNC attenuator 50ohm 2X 2W
Tektronix 011-0073-00 RC normalizer 1M 15pF 2X atten BNC
Tektronix 011-0076-02 BNC attenuator 50ohm 8dB DC-2GHz
Tektronix 011-0078-00 passive terminator for P6019
Tektronix 011-0085-00 N attenuator 10dB
Tektronix 011-0086-00 N attenuator 20dB
Tektronix 011-0087-00 N attenuator 40dB
Tektronix 011-0099-01 BNC 50ohm 5W feedthrough termination
Tektronix 011-0105-00 P6021 passive terminator
Tektronix 011-0106-00 P6022 passive terminator
Tektronix 011-0112-00 BNC-F 75 Ohm to BNC-M 50 Ohm matching attenuator, AC coupled (minimum loss pad)
Tektronix 011-0118-00 75 Ohm to 50 Ohm matching attenuator
Tektronix 011-0129-01 precision terminator 0.1% 100kHz
Tektronix 012-0001-00 coax cable UHF 52ohm 42"
Tektronix 012-0002-00 coax cable UHF 75ohm 42"
Tektronix 012-0003-00 coax cable UHF 93ohm 42"
Tektronix 012-0004-00 coax cable UHF 93ohm 42" w/variable attenuator
Tektronix 012-0005-00 coax cable UHF 93ohm 42" w/terminator
Tektronix 012-0006-00 coax cable UHF 170ohm 42"
Tektronix 012-0014-00 30" banana to alligator clip. Black
Tektronix 012-0015-00 30" banana to alligator clip. Red
Tektronix 012-0023-00 6" stacking banana to stacking banana. Black
Tektronix 012-0024-00 6" stacking banana to stacking banana. Red
Tektronix 012-0028-00 6" banana to banana. Black
Tektronix 012-0025-00 banana-banana suppressor cord for Type 570 100ohm
Tektronix 012-0026-00 banana-banana suppressor cord for Type 570 300ohm
Tektronix 012-0027-00 banana-banana suppressor cord for Type 570 1000ohm
Tektronix 012-0029-00 6" banana to banana. Red
Tektronix 012-0030-00 cathode follower probe power cable extension 24"
Tektronix 012-0031-00 18" stacking banana to stacking banana. Red
Tektronix 012-0034-00 coax cable UHF 170ohm 60"
Tektronix 012-0038-00 flexible plug-in extension 30" for letter series
Tektronix 012-0076-00 coax cable 50ohm 42"
Tektronix 012-0113-00 BNC-BNC cable 6'
Tektronix 012-0114-00 N-N cable 6'
Tektronix 012-0115-00 TNC-TNC cable 2'
Tektronix 012-0124-00 Sampling Head Extender 3' (S series)
Tektronix 012-0125-00 Sampling Head Extender 6' (S series) 
Tektronix 012-0127-00 BNC to BSM cable 10"
Tektronix 012-0130-00 dual sampling head extender cable for 3S6
Tektronix 012-0482-00 BNC-BNC cable
Tektronix 012-0556-00 Tek 1240/1241 diagnostic lead set
Tektronix 012-0747-00 logic analyzer probe lead assembly (10 leads) (P6451)
Tektronix 012-0884-00 Cable for CG551AP
Tektronix 012-1220-00 sampling head extender cable for 11801 1m
Tektronix 012-1221-00 sampling head extender cable for 11801 2m
Tektronix 013-0001-00 type F30 production test fixture for Type 130 (clips to UHF-M)
Tektronix 013-0002-00 Type EP54 plug-in extension 530/540/550
Tektronix 013-0003-00 A100 UHF-F to cliplead adapter
Tektronix 013-0004-00 Type A510 UHF-M to single binding post adapter
Tektronix 013-0005-00 Type EP53A gain adjustment cal fixture 530/540/550
Tektronix 013-0009-00 UHF-M to dual binding post adapter
Tektronix 013-0029-00 tunnel diode risetime tester (013-029)
Tektronix 013-0044-00 chopper box (?)
Tektronix 013-0055-00 plug-in extension 16 pin Blue Ribbon?
Tektronix 013-0076-00 female BNC to alligator clip adapter
Tektronix 013-0084-00 probe tip to BNC adapter
Tektronix 013-0084-01 probe tip to BNC adapter
Tektronix 013-0088-00 probe tip to GR terminated adapter
Tektronix 013-0098-00 ZIF transistor test adapter for 576/577
Tektronix 013-0099-00 FET test adapter for 576/577 (2 socket)
Tektronix 013-0100-00 TO3 test adapter for 576/577 (single socket)
Tektronix 013-0101-00 TO66 test adapter for 576/577 (single socket)
Tektronix 013-0103-00 long lead FET (dual FET?) test fixture for 576/577
Tektronix 013-0104-00 GP test fixture for 576/577(5 plug)
Tektronix 013-0105-00 spring hook for 5mm tip probe
Tektronix 013-0110-00 test fixture, DO4/DO5 stud diode for 576/577
Tektronix 013-0111-00 text fixture, axial diode for 576/577
Tektronix 013-0112-00 test fixture, TO36 for 576/577
Tektronix 013-0114-00 test fixture, IC
Tektronix 013-0124-02 Curve Tracer IC Adapter
Tektronix 013-0128-00 TO18/TO5 fixture for 7CT1N
Tektronix 013-0135-00 retractable hook tip for P6201
Tektronix 013-0145-00 P6201 Probe Tip to BNC adapter 
Tektronix 013-0147-00 three terminal regulator test unit, positive (Tek 178)
Tektronix 013-0148-00 three terminal regulator test unit, negative (Tek 178)
Tektronix 013-0156-00 floating BNC to dual BNC adapter
Tektronix 013-0278-00 video display clamp (TDS400 TekProbe level 2)
Tektronix 015-0006-00 power supply for P170CF and P500CF cathode follower probes
Tektronix 015-0038-00 TU-5 TD pulser
Tektronix 015-0058-01 power supply for Type 134 current probe amp
Tektronix 015-0062-00 TV sync separator
Tektronix 015-0073-00 probe power supply +/-12V (for P6045)
Tektronix 015-0106-00 amplifier for P6046
Tektronix 015-0149-00 75 ohm Return Loss Bridge (for use with differential plugin) DC-10MHz
Tektronix 015-0221-00 BNC-BNC DC block 50V 
Tektronix 015-0239-00 remote monitor unit
Tektronix 015-0240-00 remote control unit
Tektronix 015-0282-00 leveling head for SG504
Tektronix 015-0309-01 remote variable for CG5001
Tektronix 015-0310-01 comparator head for CG5001 vs. internal calibrator
Tektronix 015-0311-01 Programmable Pulse Head for CG5001
Tektronix 015-0356-00 power supply for A6701 16VDC
Tektronix 015-0361-00 current loop interface for tek 830 series protocol analyzers
Tektronix 015-0375-00 signal buffer mask unit
Tektronix 015-0408-00 video peak to peak detector amplifier
Tektronix 015-0413-00 video peak to peak detector/probe
Tektronix 015-0580-00 Pocket Signal Generator (TekProbe)
Tektronix 015-0611-00 pulse head for CG5011
Tektronix 015-0638-00 min loss pad 75ohm F-M to 50ohm SMA-F
Tektronix 015-0672-50 current probe calibrator
Tektronix 015-1001-00 SMA attenuator 2X
Tektronix 015-1002-00 SMA attenuator 5X
Tektronix 015-1003-00 SMA attenuator 10X 2W
Tektronix 015-1004-00 SMA terminator?
Tektronix 015-1005-00 SMA cable 2ns
Tektronix 015-1006-00 SMA cable 5ns
Tektronix 015-1007-00 SMA (OSM?) male to GR adapter
Tektronix 015-1013-00 SMA coupling capacitor (DC block)
Tektronix 015-1014-00 SMA power divider T
Tektronix 015-1015-00 SMA semirigid cable 500ps
Tektronix 015-1017-00 SMA semirigid cable 750ps, U-shaped
Tektronix 015-1019-00 SMA cable 1ns
Tektronix 015-1020-00 SMA male short-circuit termination
Tektronix 015-1021-00 SMA female short-circuit termination
Tektronix 015-1022-00 SMA male terminator
Tektronix 015-1023-00 SMA semirigid cable 1ns
Tektronix 015-1054-00 comb generator head for 067-0885-00
Tektronix 015-2350-01 leveling head for SG5030
Tektronix 016-0001-00 model H510 viewing hood for 5" scopes
Tektronix 016-0082-00 camera viewing hood
Tektronix 016-0155-00 blank plug-in panel for Tek 7000 mainframe
Tektronix 016-0180-00 viewing hood for 400 series
Tektronix 016-0195-03 blank plug-in panel for TM500 mainframe
Tektronix 016-0224-01 camera adapter, C28/C50 to 561A/561B/564A/568
Tektronix 016-0244-00 camera adapter, C30 to 561A/561B/564A/568
Tektronix 016-0274-00 viewing hood for 485
Tektronix 016-0289-00 blank plug-in panel for Tek 11000 mainframe
Tektronix 016-0362-02 toolbox for TM500 mainframe
Tektronix 016-0452-00 blank plug-in panel for Tek 5000 mainframe
Tektronix 016-0456-00 Auto-Cal Gen
Tektronix 016-0512-00 Carrying case 212/214
Tektronix 016-0597-00 pushbutton trigger generator
Tektronix 016-0606-00 XY output module (1502, 1503)
Tektronix 016-0621-00 weatherproof zippered Rain Cover for TM504
Tektronix 016-0908-03 test fixture for 371 curve tracer
Tektronix 016-1609-00 external power supply for SA/SD sampling heads
Tektronix 017-001 50ohm 20dB attenuator GR-874
Tektronix 017-002 50ohm 14dB attenuator GR-874
Tektronix 017-003 50ohm 6dB attenuator GR-874
Tektronix 017-044 50ohm 20dB attenuator GR-874
Tektronix 017-073 VP-1 voltage pickoff GR874
Tektronix 017-086 pulser tr < 0.2ns GR874 battery power
Tektronix 017-0002-00 50ohm 14dB attenuator
Tektronix 017-0011-00 50ohm step attenuator X2/X5/X10
Tektronix 017-0019-00 1GHz timing standard, 125ohm, GR874
Tektronix 017-0044-00 50ohm 20dB attenuator GR874
Tektronix 017-0045-00 50ohm 10dB attenuator GR874
Tektronix 017-0047-00 50ohm terminator GR874
Tektronix 017-0057-01 50ohm to 75ohm min loss attenuator 100MHz
Tektronix 017-0059-02 10X/20dB 50ohm BNC attenuator
Tektronix 017-0060-02 5X/14dB 50ohm BNC attenuator (green)
Tektronix 017-0063-00 GR-BNC female adapter
Tektronix 017-0064-00 GR-BNC male adapter
Tektronix 017-0067-00 50ohm 0.05uF 5ns charge network
Tektronix 017-0069-02 2X/6dB 50ohm BNC attenuator
Tektronix 017-0076-00 Miniature Probe tip to GR adapter
Tektronix 017-0076-02 2.5X/8dB 50ohm BNC attenuator
Tektronix 017-0077-01 GR sampling tee (aka VP-2 voltage pick-off)
Tektronix 017-0078-00 10X 50ohm GR attenuator
Tektronix 017-0079-00 5X 50ohm GR attenuator
Tektronix 017-0080-00 2X 50ohm GR attenuator
Tektronix 017-0082-00 50ohm GR-GR power divider
Tektronix 017-0083-00 50ohm GR-BNC male feedthrough terminator
Tektronix 017-0084-00 50ohm GR-GR coupling capacitor (DC block)
Tektronix 017-0085-00 10dB 50ohm N-N attenuator
Tektronix 017-0086-00 20dB 50ohm N-N attenuator
Tektronix 017-0087-00 40dB 50ohm N-N attenuator
Tektronix 017-0088-00 Miniature probe tip to GR 50 Ω termination adapter
Tektronix 017-0094-00 P6201 Probe tip to GR 50 Ω termination adapter
Tektronix 017-0099-01 50ohm 5W feedthrough termination 200MHz BNC
Tektronix 017-0112-00 75ohm to 50ohm min loss attenuator 100MHz
Tektronix 017-0129-00 50ohm 0.05% feedthrough termination 100kHz BNC
Tektronix 017-0502-00 50ohm 5ns cable RG58C/U GR to GR
Tektronix 017-0505-00 50ohm 2ns cable GR to GR
Tektronix 017-0507-00 125ohm 1ns cable
Tektronix 018-0064-00 card extender for 7S12
Tektronix 019-0097-00 waveguide mixer 12.4-18.0GHz (491)
Tektronix 019-0098-00 waveguide mixer 18.0-24.0GHz (491)
Tektronix 019-0099-00 waveguide mixer 24.0-40.0GHz (491)
Tektronix 020-1310-00 bubble memory pack for Tek 370
Tektronix 020-1956-00 Probe Accessories Kit for P6137, P6138A, P6139A, P5050
Tektronix 020-1956-01 Probe Accessories Kit for P6137, P6138A, P6139A, P5050
Tektronix 021-0374-00 GPIB decoder plugin (7854)
Tektronix 035-2147-00 high voltage probe/divider
Tektronix 035-5028-00 SCR turn off time adapter for 577
Tektronix 040-0652-05 single-width TM500 plugin custom kit
Tektronix 040-0654-01 readout kit for 7603
Tektronix 040-0686-01 lights power supply for 76XX mainframes
Tektronix 040-0718-00 XY compensation kit for 7603
Tektronix 040-0754-04 double-width TM500 plugin custom kit
Tektronix 040-0939-00 WFC for 7854
Tektronix 062-1120-00 "Probe Measurements" by Walter E. McAbel
Tektronix 062-8518-01 A1009 FET Fixture for 576, 577, 370
Tektronix 063-2035-00 TWD120 cal software
Tektronix 067-0405-00 TDS7000 probe calibration and deskew fixture
Tektronix 067-0500-00 CRT Deflection Cap Normalizer (560 series)
Tektronix 067-0502-01 amplitude calibrator and comparator DC/1kHz/10kHz 5mV-50V 0.25% (tube, BNC)
Tektronix 067-0503-00 precision DC divider 10X, 100X 0.01%
Tektronix 067-0508-00 amplitude calibrator 50kHz (GR)
Tektronix 067-0511-00 variable attenuator GR
Tektronix 067-0512-00 power supply test load plugin for 500 series e.g. 556
Tektronix 067-0513-00 tunnel diode pulse generator, tr=30ps, battery power
Tektronix 067-0518-00 harmonic modulator
Tektronix 067-0521-00 Calibration plugin for 500 series (1M1)
Tektronix 067-0521-01 Calibration plugin for 500 series (1M1)
Tektronix 067-0523-00 Calibration plugin for 580 (84)
Tektronix 067-0529-00 Calibration Fixture 1000:1 divider BNC
Tektronix 067-0532-01 Constant Amplitude Signal Generator 65-500MHz
Tektronix 067-0533-00 RC normalizer 1M 20pF UHF
Tektronix 067-0534-00 RC normalizer 1M 24pF UHF
Tektronix 067-0535-00 RC normalizer 1M 47pF UHF
Tektronix 067-0536-00 RC normalizer 1M 12pF BNC
Tektronix 067-0537-00 RC normalizer 1M 15pF BNC
Tektronix 067-0538-00 RC normalizer 1M 20pF BNC
Tektronix 067-0539-00 RC normalizer 1M 24pF BNC
Tektronix 067-0540-00 RC normalizer 1M 33pF BNC
Tektronix 067-0541-00 RC normalizer 1M 47pF BNC
Tektronix 067-0546-00 Calibration Fixture for NTSC vectorscope
Tektronix 067-0554-00 tunnel diode pulser, 100V input, 200mV output tr=1ns
Tektronix 067-0559-00 50-ohm current loop, GR connector
Tektronix 067-0561-01 test display generator 16-24 line pairs, 300-400 dots (for 601/611 monitors)
Tektronix 067-0572-01 sampling head normalizer (e.g. for 7S11,7S12)
Tektronix 067-0587-00 7000 Series Standardizer/Calibrator to 200MHz, tr=750ps
Tektronix 067-0587-01 7000 Series Standardizer/Calibrator to 500MHz, tr=300ps
Tektronix 067-0587-02 7000/11000 Series Standardizer/Calibrator to 1GHz, tr=150ps
Tektronix 067-0587-10 7000/11000 Series Standardizer/Calibrator to 1GHz, tr=150ps,w/trigger for DSA
Tektronix 067-0589-00 7000 plugin extender, rigid
Tektronix 067-0591-00 plugin extender, model 568
Tektronix 067-0599-00 cal fixture for 576
Tektronix 067-0601-00 video test signal generator
Tektronix 067-0608-00 Overdrive Recovery Calibration Fixture
Tektronix 067-0609-00 7000 common mode rejection tester 
Tektronix 067-0616-00 7000 plugin extender, flexible
Tektronix 067-0625-00 Peak To Peak Detector GR874 -> BNC
Tektronix 067-0630-00 Plug-In Extender for 2600 series
Tektronix 067-0632-00 Standard Load Resistor for 176 0.025/0.1/0.5/5 ohm
Tektronix 067-0639-99 7000 power supply checker plugin
Tektronix 067-0645-03 Flexible Plug-In Extender for TM500/5100/5400
Tektronix 067-0650-00 Constant Amplitude Signal Generator 900Mhz
Tektronix 067-0655-00 7000 signal pickoff fixture "used to do the risetime on the 067-0587-XX Standardizers"
Tektronix 067-0657-00 Normalized Ramp Generator for 7000 series
Tektronix 067-0659-00 logic extender
Tektronix 067-0680-00 5400 series standardizer
Tektronix 067-0681-01 tunnel diode pulser tr=125ps
Tektronix 067-0700-00 7D12 calibration fixture
Tektronix 067-0709-00 cable BNC-Peltola (A6302)
Tektronix 067-0710-00 R7912 calibration aid
Tektronix 067-0722-99 digital demo aid (TM500 plugin)
Tektronix 067-0745-00 Sector Card Test Fixture
Tektronix 067-0746-00 System Test Fixture (for Motorola 6800, e.g. DF1)
Tektronix 067-0755-00 Input RC normalizer, BNC, 22pF/1M
Tektronix 067-0791-99 digital test unit (TM500)
Tektronix 067-0804-00 Interface Test Fixture (connects to 067-0746-00, e.g. for DF1)
Tektronix 067-0805-00 cable extender (7D01 to DF1)
Tektronix 067-0807-00 DVST display exerciser (TM500 plugin)
Tektronix 067-0845-00 dot generator (TM500 plugin)
Tektronix 067-0885-00 comb generator driver (TM500 plugin)
Tektronix 067-0886-00 TV test modulator
Tektronix 067-0911-00 diagnostic test interface for 7854 (req. MicroLab I)
Tektronix 067-0912-00 analog test board for 7854
Tektronix 067-0913-00 digital extender board for 7854 44pin
Tektronix 067-0914-00 digital extender board for 7854 80pin
Tektronix 067-0915-00 digital extender board for 7854 124pin
Tektronix 067-0916-00 video amplitude calibration fixture (TM500)
Tektronix 067-0938-00 tunable notch filter 10Hz-100kHz TM500 (SG505 cal fixture)
Tektronix 067-0961-00 diagnostic memory board for 7854
Tektronix 067-0982-00 MicroLab 1 Mainframe
Tektronix 067-0989-00 Tek 468 service ROM and test counter IC set
Tektronix 067-0996-00 GPIB Extender Cable for TM5003, TM5006
Tektronix 067-1011-00 digital sweep generator (TM500 plugin)
Tektronix 067-1037-00 TM500 Setup/Hold Time Plugin (for 1240, DAS9100)
Tektronix 067-1090-00 Signature Analyzer plugin (SA501)
Tektronix 067-1261-00 11000 series flexible extender
Tektronix 067-1262-00 11000 series signal pickoff connector
Tektronix 070-2972-00 7854 signature tables
Tektronix 103-0030-00 BNC tee
Tektronix 103-0045-00 N-M to BNC-F adapter
Tektronix 103-0058-00 N to BNC adapter
Tektronix 118-0070-00 BNC-BNC rf detector, 0.2MHz-1GHz, 3V max, 50-ohms 
Tektronix 119-0104-00 waveguide mixer
Tektronix 119-1061-00 spectrum analyzer input limiter SMA
Tektronix 119-1369-00 WFC for 7854
Tektronix 120-0798-01 power transformer, Tek 465
Tektronix 120-0799-01 power transformer, Tek 475
Tektronix 120-1281-00 HV Transformer, Tek 7854
Tektronix 120-1883-00 75 Ohm to 50 Ohm matching xfmr, 50 kHz to 300 MHz
Tektronix 120-1884-00 75 Ohm to 50 Ohm matching xfmr, 50 MHz to 1 GHz
Tektronix 131-0258-00 probe tip chassis mount test jack
Tektronix 131-1315-00 Peltola-BNC adapter (A6302)
Tektronix 131-4353-00 probe tip circuit board test point pkg. 25
Tektronix 147-0035-00 brushless fan motor, 400 series etc.
Tektronix 146-0075-00 Sealed lead-acid battery for 222, 224 etc.
Tektronix 151-0274-01 NPN selected 2N3501 150V
Tektronix 151-0426-02 NPN selected D44H11
Tektronix 152-0008-00 Ge diode T12G or 1N270
Tektronix 152-0093-00 tunnel diode 4.7mA
Tektronix 152-0125-00 tunnel diode 4.7mA
Tektronix 152-0140-00 tunnel diode RCA 1N3848 10mA 8pF
Tektronix 152-0140-01 tunnel diode Microwave Associates SMTD995 10mA 8pF DO17
Tektronix 152-0192-00 Varo P/N VF-5X-1 or 7701-5X diode 5000V 2mA
Tektronix 152-0214-00 tunnel diode 4.7mA TD252 (1S1)
Tektronix 152-0254-00 tunnel diode 100mA 6pF (067-0513-00)
Tektronix 152-0329-00 tunnel diode 22mA 1.5pF (284, 7T11)
Tektronix 152-0383-00 tunnel diode 50mA 1.5pF (S-51, S-52)
Tektronix 152-0489-00 GE tunnel diode 21mA 1.5pF
Tektronix 152-0493-00 7X HV multiplier for 7704A, 7844, 7903, 7904
Tektronix 154-0083-00 CRT for 531, 535, 513
Tektronix 154-0099-00 CRT for 541, 545
Tektronix 154-0102-00 CRT for 525, 532, RM32, 570, 575 (T52P7)
Tektronix 154-0343-00 CRT for 570, 575
Tektronix 154-0366-00 CRT  for 310, 310A, 360 (T3100)
Tektronix 154-0449-00 CRT for 561, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0466-00 CRT for 422, Standard/P31, -05 after s/n 1890
Tektronix 154-0478-00 CRT for 547
Tektronix 154-0492-04 CRT for 453, Standard/P31, -06 later serial numbers
Tektronix 154-0505-00 CRT for 454, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0531-00 CRT for 561B, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0562-00 CRT for 602, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0563-05 CRT for 576
Tektronix 154-0566-00 CRT for 453
Tektronix 154-0568-00 CRT for 543B, 544, 545B, 546, 547,
Tektronix 154-0609-00 CRT for 7704, Standard/P31, later s/n -05
Tektronix 154-0613-00 CRT for 561A/567/568, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0619-00 CRT for 454A, -10 B20K+
Tektronix 154-0622-00 CRT for 7514, (Storage) Standard/P31.
Tektronix 154-0630-00 CRT for 453A, Standard/P31, -05, -10 later serial numbers
Tektronix 154-0633-10 CRT for 604, 604A, 5110, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0640-00 CRT T7400 for 7403, 7603, TQ D83; Standard/P31, later s/n -05, -10. 
Tektronix 154-0642-00 CRT for 212
Tektronix 154-0644-05 CRT for 7704A, 7854, 7903, 7904 Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0644-09 CRT for 7704A, 7854, 7903, 7904 P11
Tektronix 154-0652-00 CRT for 485, P31
Tektronix 154-0652-05 CRT for 485, P11
Tektronix 154-0666-10 CRT for 434 Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0666-12 CRT for 434/01
Tektronix 154-0667-00 CRT for 326, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0672-00 CRT for 7603, Option 4
Tektronix 154-0673-00 CRT for 7603, Option 6
Tektronix 154-0677-10 CRT for 475, Standard/P31, -14 P11
Tektronix 154-0677-14 CRT for 475, P11
Tektronix 154-0682-02 CRT for 7313, Standard/P31, later s/n -12.
Tektronix 154-0698-00 CRT for 7912AD
Tektronix 154-0699-00 CRT for 212, SC501, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0704-00 CRT for Telequipment_D63 - English Electric Type E720B
Tektronix 154-0705-00 CRT for 221
Tektronix 154-0713-00 CRT for 7844, Standard/P31, -04 P11.
Tektronix 154-0721-00 CRT for 7633, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0723-00 CRT for 7623A, Standard/P31.
Tektronix 154-0730-05 CRT for SC502, SC504, Standard/P31, black graticule
Tektronix 154-0731-00 CRT for 465B, Standard/P31, -04 P11
Tektronix 154-0745-00 CRT for 7834
Tektronix 154-0777-00 CRT for 465M, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0780-00 CRT for 7834
Tektronix 154-0784-00 CRT for 7612D
Tektronix 154-0832-00 CRT for 2335
Tektronix 154-0838-00 CRT for 2215, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0859-00 CRT for SC504
Tektronix 154-0861-00 CRT for 2213A, 2215A, 2220, 2230, 2235, 2236, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0866-00 CRT for 336
Tektronix 154-0893-05 CRT for 7704A, R7903, 7904A, 7854
Tektronix 154-0905-00 CRT for 2246, Standard/P31
Tektronix 154-0907-00 CRT for 2225
Tektronix 154-0917-00 CRT for 222, 222A, 222PS, 224 2.5"
Tektronix 155-0064-00 vertical output hybrid IC for 485, 7834, 7854, 7912AD
Tektronix 155-0065-00 vertical output hybrid IC for 7904
Tektronix 158-0195-00 crystal 163.84 kHz for DM501A
Tektronix 175-1178-00 pin jack to BNC adapter cable
Tektronix 206-0162-00 P6046 probe tip, swivel
Tektronix 206-0164-00 P6046 probe tip, swivel
Tektronix 214-0283-00 ground contact spring for 5mm probe tip
Tektronix 295-0134-00 capacitor kit 1uF/100nF/10nF/1nF/100pF
Tektronix 337-1700-01 blue CRT filter for 7603
Tektronix 337-1700-04 clear CRT filter for 7603
Tektronix 337-1159-02 spectrum analyzer graticule for 7000 mainframes
Tektronix 337-2775-00 blue CRT filter for 2236, 2246
Tektronix 337-2775-01 clear CRT filter for 2236, 2246
Tektronix 366-1690-00 latch knob for TM500 plugins 
Tektronix 378-0625-00 blue CRT filter for 7854 etc.
Tektronix 378-0625-02 gray CRT filter for 7934 etc.
Tektronix 378-0625-08 green CRT filter for 7934 etc.
Tektronix 390-0098-00 standard test fixture for 576
Tektronix 670-1885-xx readout board 7704A
Tektronix 670-0625-xx readout board 7704
Tektronix 670-0635-xx readout board R7704
Tektronix 671-1900-xx readout board 7603, 7613, 7623A, 7904
Tektronix 31 printing calculator
Tektronix 104 scope calibrator 50Hz/100kHz/1MHz
Tektronix 105 square wave generator 25Hz-1MHz tr=13ns 0-100V 93ohm
Tektronix 106 square wave generator 1kHz-1MHz tr=1ns/1V 100V GR conn
Tektronix 107 square wave generator 400kHz-1MHz tr=3ns 0.1-0.5V
Tektronix 108 mercury pulser 240Hz tr=1ns 10V
Tektronix 109 pulse generator 0-50V tr=0.25ns (mercury wetted relay)
Tektronix 110 pulse generator and trigger takeoff system 700Hz 50mV-50V tr=0.25ns
Tektronix 110-S video synchronizer
Tektronix 111 pretrigger pulse generator 10Hz-100kHz tr=0.5ns
Tektronix 113 delay line 50ohm 60ns
Tektronix 114 PG 100Hz-1MHz tr=10ns 10Vpp
Tektronix 115 PG 10MHz?
Tektronix 118-AS audio synchronizer
Tektronix 121 wide-band preamp 5Hz-12MHz 93ohm
Tektronix 122 low level preamp 1Hz-40kHz 1000X
Tektronix 123 AC preamp 3Hz-25kHz 100X UHF conn
Tektronix 124 television adaptor
Tektronix 126 power supply for 16X or 360 plugin
Tektronix 127 preamp power supply for 2 letter plugins
Tektronix 128 cathode follower probe power supply (P170CF, P500CF)
Tektronix 131 AC current probe amp (P6016)
Tektronix 132 plug-in unit power supply
Tektronix 133 power supply/MF for letter plugin (except M)
Tektronix 134 AC current probe amp (P6021/P6022)
Tektronix 144 NTSC test signal generator
Tektronix 146 NTSC test signal generator
Tektronix 147 NTSC test signal generator
Tektronix 148 PAL test signal generator
Tektronix 152 calculator BCD interface
Tektronix 160 MF/power supply for 16X, 360
Tektronix 160A MF/power supply for 16X, 360 (6 slots)
Tektronix 161 pulse generator plugin for 160A 50V tr=500ns
Tektronix 162 waveform generator plugin for 160A 50V tr=1us
Tektronix 163 pulse generator plugin for 160A 25V tr=200ns
Tektronix 172 curve tracer programmable fixture (576)
Tektronix 175 curve tracer high current fixture 200A/1000W (575)
Tektronix 176 curve tracer high current fixture 200A/1000W (576)
Tektronix 177 curve tracer transistor fixture (577)
Tektronix 178 curve tracer IC fixture (577)
Tektronix 180A time mark generator 1s-1us 5/10/50MHz
Tektronix 181 time mark generator 10MHz
Tektronix 184 time mark generator 10ns (tube)
Tektronix 190A constant amplitude signal generator 0.35-50MHz
Tektronix 190B constant amplitude signal generator 0.35-50MHz 40mV-10VPP
Tektronix 191 constant amplitude signal generator 0.35-100MHz GR conn
Tektronix 200C Scopemobile cart for portables
Tektronix T201 scope dual 5MHz DSO LCD handheld
Tektronix T202 scope dual 5MHz 20MSPS DSO LCD handheld (mfg. by Dolch)
Tektronix 202 Scopemobile cart for mainframes
Tektronix 204-2 Scopemobile cart for mainframes w/plugin carrier
Tektronix 205 Scopemobile cart, extra wide for rack-mount width instruments (e.g. 556)
Tektronix K212 Portable Lab Cart
Tektronix K213 Cart for 7000 Series scopes
Tektronix 211 scope single 500kHz handheld
Tektronix 212 scope dual 500kHz handheld
Tektronix 213 scope single 1MHz handheld w/TRMS DMM
Tektronix 214 scope dual 500kHz storage handheld
Tektronix 221 scope single 5MHz handheld
Tektronix 222 scope dual 10MHz DSO handheld
Tektronix 224 scope dual 60MHz DSO handheld
Tektronix 230 digital unit for Tek 568
Tektronix 240 programmer for Tek 230
Tektronix 241 programmer for Tek 230
Tektronix 262 programmer for Tek 6R1
Tektronix 263 programmer for Tek 3A5/3B5
Tektronix R268 ATE controller
Tektronix 281 TDR pulser
Tektronix 282 probe adaptor (connects 1M probe to 50ohm sampler)
Tektronix 283 real time sampling adapter for 3T4
Tektronix 284 PG 70ps rise time, 50 KHz rep. rate
Tektronix 285 power supply for S-50/S-52 (?)
Tektronix 286 sampling head multiplex unit, 4 slot
Tektronix 287 control unit (holds 4 Tek 286s)
Tektronix 290 Transistor Switching Time Tester
Tektronix 291 diode switching time tester power supply
Tektronix 292 Semiconductor Tester Power Supply
Tektronix R293 Programmable pulse generator and power supply
Tektronix 305 scope dual 5MHz handheld w/DMM
Tektronix 308 logic/data analyzer 8bit 20MHz
Tektronix 310 scope 3.5MHz 1 channel 3" CRT
Tektronix 310A scope 4MHz 1 channel 3" CRT
Tektronix 314 storage scope 10MHz dual trace portable
Tektronix 315 scope 5MHz 1 channel
Tektronix 316 scope 10MHz, 3" CRT 
Tektronix 317 scope 10MHz, 3" CRT (brighter version of 316)
Tektronix 318A logic analyzer 16 bit 50MHz (uses P6451)
Tektronix 321 scope single 5MHz portable/battery
Tektronix 321A scope single 6MHz portable/battery
Tektronix 323 scope single 4MHz portable/battery
Tektronix 335 scope 35MHz 2 ch portable 16lb
Tektronix 335A scope 35MHz 2 ch portable 11lb
Tektronix 338 logic analyzer 32 bit 20MHz (uses P6451)
Tektronix 360 indicator display 500kHz (req. 126/160/160A PS)
Tektronix 370 programmable curve tracer 2000V 10A 220W
Tektronix 370A programmable curve tracer 2000V 10A 220W w/floppy
Tektronix 371 programmable curve tracer 3000V 400A 3000W
Tektronix 371A programmable curve tracer 3000V 400A 3000W w/floppy
Tektronix 380 portable NTSC waveform monitor
Tektronix 390AD digitizer dual 15MHz 30/60MSPS 10 bit 2KS/ch
Tektronix 394AD digitizer dual
Tektronix 410 physiological monitor
Tektronix 414 patient monitor (Spacelabs 414)
Tektronix 420 HV power supply +20kV -4kV (?)
Tektronix 422 scope dual 15MHz portable
Tektronix 423 scope 25MHz
Tektronix 432 scope dual 25MHz
Tektronix 434 scope dual 25MHz storage 20lb
Tektronix 442 scope dual 35MHz w/TV sync
Tektronix 453 scope dual 50MHz
Tektronix 453A scope dual 60MHz FET
Tektronix 454 scope dual 150MHz Nuvistor
Tektronix 454A scope dual 150MHz FET
Tektronix 455 scope dual 50MHz
Tektronix 463 scope dual 75MHz (similar to 465)
Tektronix 464 scope dual 100MHz storage 110div/us
Tektronix 465 scope dual 100MHz
Tektronix 465B scope dual 100MHz trigger view
Tektronix 465M scope dual 100MHz
Tektronix 466 scope dual 100MHz storage 150div/us + reduced scan 26lb
Tektronix 466/DM44 scope dual 100MHz storage w/DMM
Tektronix 468 scope dual 100MHz analog/10MHz DSO
Tektronix 475 scope dual 200MHz
Tektronix 475A scope dual 250MHz
Tektronix 485 scope dual 350MHz
Tektronix 491 spectrum analyzer
Tektronix 491/01 spectrum analyzer 10MHz-2GHz
Tektronix 492 spectrum analyzer 50kHz-21GHz
Tektronix 492/01 option: calibrated internal preselection
Tektronix 492/02 option: digital storage 
Tektronix 492/03 option: frequency stabilization/100Hz resolution
Tektronix 492/08 option: delete external mixer capability
Tektronix 492/6 spectrum analyzer 1kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 494 spectrum analyzer 10kHz-21GHz
Tektronix 494P spectrum analyzer 10kHz-21GHz
Tektronix 495 spectrum analyzer 100Hz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 495P spectrum analyzer 100Hz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 496 spectrum analyzer 1kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 496P spectrum analyzer 1kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 497 spectrum analyzer 100Hz-7.1GHz
Tektronix 501 marker generator
Tektronix 502 scope dual beam
Tektronix 503 scope 450kHz differential input
Tektronix 506 scope MF 23MHz
Tektronix 511 first Tek scope 10MHz
Tektronix 512 scope 2MHz DC coupled
Tektronix 513 scope 10MHz DC coupled
Tektronix 513D scope 10MHz DC coupled w/delay line
Tektronix 514A scope 10MHz
Tektronix 515 scope 15MHz 1 ch
Tektronix 516 scope 15MHz 2 ch
Tektronix 517 scope 50MHz
Tektronix 517A scope 50MHz
Tektronix 519 scope 1GHz (direct deflection plate connections)
Tektronix 520 NTSC vectorscope
Tektronix 520A NTSC vectorscope
Tektronix 521 vectorscope
Tektronix 524AD scope 10MHz w/video trigger
Tektronix 525 TV waveform monitor
Tektronix 526 NTSC vectorscope
Tektronix 527 TV waveform monitor
Tektronix 528 TV waveform monitor
Tektronix 528A TV waveform monitor
Tektronix 529 TV waveform monitor
Tektronix 531 scope MF 11MHz
Tektronix 531A scope MF 15MHz 61lbs
Tektronix 532 scope MF 5MHz
Tektronix 533 scope MF 11MHz
Tektronix 537 storage scope (prototype only)
Tektronix 543 scope 30MHz
Tektronix 545 scope 30MHz
Tektronix 546 scope 50MHz - similar to 547 w/o "dual alternate trace"
Tektronix 547 scope 50MHz
Tektronix 549 scope 30MHz storage, split screen
Tektronix 555 scope 30MHz dual beam
Tektronix 556 scope 50MHz dual beam 
Tektronix 561B scope 10MHz
Tektronix 561S scope 25MHz
Tektronix 564 scope 10MHz storage
Tektronix 565 scope 10MHz dual beam
Tektronix 570 vacuum tube curve tracer
Tektronix 571 curve tracer
Tektronix 575 transistor curve tracer 200V/div
Tektronix 575 Mod 122C transistor curve tracer 400V/div
Tektronix 576 curve tracer 220W
Tektronix 577D1 curve tracer w/storage
Tektronix 577D2/177 curve tracer non-storage
Tektronix 577D2/178 curve tracer non-storage
Tektronix 581 scope 85/100MHz
Tektronix 601 storage display 5" (8x10cm)
Tektronix 603 storage display
Tektronix 604 XYZ waveform monitor
Tektronix 608/21/23/24 XY Monitor, High Resolution
Tektronix 611 storage display 11" (16x21cm)
Tektronix 614 XY storage display 96lb.
Tektronix 620 XYZ monitor
Tektronix 624 9.8 x 12.2 cm screen
Tektronix 647 scope 50MHz
Tektronix 647A scope 100MHz
Tektronix 650HR NTSC video monitor 50lb.
Tektronix 651HR PAL video monitor 50lb.
Tektronix 652HR PAL-M video monitor 50lb.
Tektronix 655HR NTSC/PAL video monitor 50lb.
Tektronix 661 sampling scope MF
Tektronix 670 NTSC video monitor
Tektronix 671 PAL video monitor
Tektronix 672 PAL-M video monitor
Tektronix RTD710 digitizer 100MHz 200MSPS 10 bit 2ch 65KW 50lb
Tektronix 832 Data Communications Tester
Tektronix 833 Data Communications Tester 4800baud
Tektronix 834 Data Communications Tester 19.2Kbaud async/sync
Tektronix 851 digital tester
Tektronix 909 scientific calculator, Nixie
Tektronix 911 statistical calculator, Nixie
Tektronix T912 scope 10MHz storage
Tektronix T921 scope 15MHz 1 channel
Tektronix T922 scope 15MHz 2 channel
Tektronix T932 scope 35MHz dual
Tektronix T932A scope 35MHz dual
Tektronix T935 scope 35MHz dual w/delayed sweep
Tektronix 1040A load and current shunt fixture
Tektronix 1101 quad probe power supply for P6201, P6202A, P6230 
Tektronix 1101A dual probe power supply for P6201, P6202A, P6230
Tektronix 1102 quad probe power supply 5 pin +5 +15 -5 -15 (for P65xx?)
Tektronix 1103 TekProbe power supply/interface
Tektronix 1105 battery pack for 400 Series scopes
Tektronix 1106 battery pack for 455, 464, 465, 466, 475, 24V 7AH (req. opt 07)
Tektronix 1107 DC inverter for 2200/2300/2400 series
Tektronix 1225 logic analyzer
Tektronix 1230 logic analyzer 16-64 ch
Tektronix 1240 logic analyzer
Tektronix 1240D1 acquisition card 9 ch 100MHz
Tektronix 1240D2 acquisition card 18 ch 50MHz
Tektronix 1241 logic analyzer, color
Tektronix 1200C01 RS232C Comm Pack for 1240
Tektronix 1200C02 GPIB Comm Pack for 1240
Tektronix 1200C11 Parallel Printer Comm Pack for 1240 (req. 12RC01)
Tektronix 12R01 Performance Analysis ROM Pack for 1240
Tektronix 12RC01 Printer Support ROM Pack for 1240
Tektronix 12RC02 Master/Slave ROM Pack for 1240
Tektronix 12RS01 8K RAM Pack for 1240
Tektronix 12RS02 64K RAM Pack for 1240
Tektronix 12RS11 32K EPROM Pack for 1240
Tektronix 12RS12 32K EPROM Pack for 1240 w/EPROMs
Tektronix 1360P programmable switch controller GPIB/RS232
Tektronix 1401 spectrum analyzer 1-500MHz portable (for use w/323)
Tektronix 1401A spectrum analyzer 1-500MHz portable (for use w/323)
Tektronix 1405 TV Sideband Analyzer
Tektronix 1410 NTSC video generator MF
Tektronix 1411 PAL video generator MF
Tektronix 1424A XY monitor
Tektronix 1430 random noise generator
Tektronix 1434 video noise generator (TM500/TM5000)
Tektronix 1450 TV demodulator
Tektronix TDC1 VHF Tunable Down Converters for 1450
Tektronix TDC2 UHF Tunable Down Converters for 1450
Tektronix 1502 TDR w/CRT 0.6"-2000', /04 = chart recorder
Tektronix 1502B TDR w/LCD
Tektronix 1503 TDR w/CRT 1'-50000'
Tektronix 1503B TDR w/LCD
Tektronix 1505 time domain network analyzer (prototype only)
Tektronix 1900 digital NTSC video generator
Tektronix 2101 pulse generator 2.5Hz-25MHz tr=5ns 10V
Tektronix 2201 scope, 20MHz dual DSO (made by Goodwill)
Tektronix 2205 scope, 20 MHz, 2 Channel
Tektronix 2210 DSO 50MHz
Tektronix 2211 DSO 50MHz
Tektronix 2212 DSO 60MHz 
Tektronix 2213 scope, 60 MHz, Dual
Tektronix 2213A scope, Newer Version of above
Tektronix 2214 DSO 20MHz 4 channel
Tektronix 2215 scope, 60 MHz, 2 Channel, Delay Time Base
Tektronix 2215A scope, 60 MHz, Delay Sweep
Tektronix 2220 scope, DSO 60 MHz, 20 MSPS
Tektronix 2225 scope 50MHz dual
Tektronix 2230 DSO 100MHz 20MSPS
Tektronix 2232 DSO 100MHz 100MSPS 2 Channel analog/digital w/cursors
Tektronix 2233 scope, 100 MHz, 2 Channel analog/digital
Tektronix 2235 scope, 100 MHz, 2 Channel, Delayed Sweep
Tektronix 2236 scope, 100 MHz, 2 Channel, Counter/DMM
Tektronix 2245A scope, 100 MHz, 4 Channel, Cursors, Readout
Tektronix 2246 scope, 100 MHz, 4 Channel, Voltmeter, Cursors
Tektronix 2246A scope, 100 MHz, 4 Channel, Voltmeter, Cursors
Tektronix 2247A scope, 100 MHz, 4 Channel, counter/timer/DVM
Tektronix 2252 scope, 100 MHz, 4 Ch., Cursors, Readout, Programmable
Tektronix 2335 scope, 100 MHz, 2 Channel, Ruggedized
Tektronix 2336 scope, 100 MHz, 2 Channel, Ruggedized with Multimeter
Tektronix 2337 scope, 100 MHz, Dual Channel, Ruggedized, DMM
Tektronix 2402 TekMate CPU/disk drive for e.g. 2430
Tektronix 2402A TekMate CPU/disk drive for e.g. 2430 w/2 GPIB controllers
Tektronix 2430 scope, 150 MHz 100MSPS DSO
Tektronix 2430A scope, 150 MHz 100MSPS DSO w/autosetup, glitch capture (/05 = TV trigger)
Tektronix 2431 scope, 300 MHz 250MSPS DSO
Tektronix 2432 scope, 300 MHz 100MSPS 2 channel DSO
Tektronix 2440 scope, 300 MHz, 500 MSPS, 2 Channel DSO
Tektronix 2445 scope, 150 MHz, 4 Channel, Cursors, Readout
Tektronix 2445A scope, same as 2445 w/autosetup
Tektronix 2445B scope, 200 MHz, 4 Channel, Cursors, Etc.
Tektronix 2455B scope, 250 MHz
Tektronix 2465 scope, 300 MHz, 4 Channel, Cursors, Readout
Tektronix 2465A scope, 350 MHz, 4 Channel, Cursors, Readout, Auto-Setup
Tektronix 2465B scope, 400 MHz, 4 Channel, Cursors, Readout, Auto-Setup, Measurement Processor
Tektronix 2465CTS scope 300MHz GPIB
Tektronix 2465DMS scope 300MHz GPIB word recognizer
Tektronix 2467 scope, 350 MHz, microchannel CRT
Tektronix 2467B scope, 400 MHz, microchannel CRT
Tektronix 2601 mainframe
Tektronix 26A1 amplifier plugin for 2601
Tektronix 26A2 amplifier plugin for 2601
Tektronix 26G1 generator plugin for 2601
Tektronix 26G2 generator plugin for 2601
Tektronix 26G3 generator plugin for 2601
Tektronix 2622 Fourier Analyzer
Tektronix 2630 Fourier Analyzer DC-20kHz
Tektronix 2641 Fourier Analyzer DC-100kHz 2 channel
Tektronix 2642 Fourier Analyzer
Tektronix 2701 step attenuator 50ohm 0-79dB 1.5W AC/DC 1GHz
Tektronix 2703 step attenuator 75ohm 0-109dB 1.5W 3kHz-1GHz
Tektronix 2704 inverter for 271X series
Tektronix 2705 battery pack for 271X seriesseries
Tektronix 2706 RF preselector 9kHz-1800MHz 8 band GPIB
Tektronix 2707 tracking generator for 2711, 2712
Tektronix 2710 spectrum analyzer 10kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 2711 spectrum analyzer 9kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 2712 spectrum analyzer 9kHz-1.8GHz w/counter, GPIB
Tektronix 2714 CATV spectrum analyzer 9kHz-1.8GHz 75ohm
Tektronix 2715 CATV spectrum analyzer 9kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 2721A 5-600MHz non-interfering CATV sweep transmitter
Tektronix 2754 microwave spectrum analyzer 50kHz-21GHz
Tektronix 2755 microwave spectrum analyzer 10kHz-21GHz
Tektronix 2756 microwave spectrum analyzer 10kHz-21GHz
Tektronix 2782 microwave spectrum analyzer 100Hz-33GHz
Tektronix 2784 microwave spectrum analyzer 100Hz-40GHz
Tektronix 2792 programmable spectrum analyzer 10kHz-21GHz
Tektronix 2815 opto-scope - 50MHz scope w/35MHz 850nm opto channel
Tektronix 3052 digital signal processing system DC-10MHz
Tektronix 3054 digital signal processing system
Tektronix 4041 system controller for 2430 oscilloscope
Tektronix Type A DC Preamp 50mV 14MHz
Tektronix Type B DC Preamp 5mV-20V 20MHz
Tektronix Type CA Dual-Trace 50mV 15MHz
Tektronix Type D High Gain Differential DC Preamp 1mV 2MHz
Tektronix Yype E AC Differential Preamp 50uV-10mV/div 60kHz
Tektronix Type G Wide Band Differential Calibrated Preamp 50mV 14MHz
Tektronix Type H Wide Band Calibrated Preamp 5mV 11MHz
Tektronix Type K Fast Rise Calibrated Preamp 50mV 15MHz
Tektronix Type L Fast Rise DC Coupled 5mV 15MHz
Tektronix Type N Pulse Sampling plugin 10mV 600MHz
Tektronix Type P fast-rise step test plugin tr=4ns 240pps
Tektronix Type Q Transducer and Strain Gauge Preamp 6kHz
Tektronix Type R Transistor Rise Time plugin tr=5ns 120pps
Tektronix Type S Semiconductor Diode Recovery Time plugin (curve tracer)
Tektronix Type T Time-Base Generator 200ns/div
Tektronix Type Z DC Coupled Differential Comparator 50mV-20V/div 13MHz
Tektronix 1A1 dual trace plugin 5mV-20V/div 50MHz
Tektronix 1A2 dual trace plugin 50MHz
Tektronix 1A4 4 trace 50MHz 
Tektronix 1A5 differential amplifier 50MHz 1mV/div (can use P6046)
Tektronix 1A6 differential amplifier 2MHz 1mV/div
Tektronix 1A7 differential amplifier 1MHz 10uV/div
Tektronix 1L5 spectrum analyzer 50Hz-1MHz
Tektronix 1L10 spectrum analyzer 1MHz-36MHz
Tektronix 1L20 spectrum analyzer 10MHz-4.2GHz
Tektronix 1L30 spectrum analyzer 925MHz-10.5GHz
Tektronix 1L40 spectrum analyzer 1.5-12.4GHz
Tektronix 1M1 cal plugin for 530/540/550 series
Tektronix 1S1 sampler 1GHz 2mV/div w/delay line
Tektronix 1S2 sampler/TDR 5mV/div 5GHz/90ps
Tektronix 2A61 Differential Amplifier
Tektronix 3A1 dual trace 10MHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A2 dual trace 500kHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A3 dual trace differential 500kHz 100uV for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A5 programmable amp 15MHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A6 dual trace 10MHz w/delay line for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A7 differential 10MHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A8 dual op amp for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A72 dual trace 650kHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A74 quad trace 2MHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3A75 vertical amp 4MHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3B3 time base plugin 10MHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3B4 time base plugin 20MHz for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3C66 carrier amplifier
Tektronix 3L5 spectrum analyzer 50Hz-1MHz
Tektronix 3L10 spectrum analyzer 1MHz-36MHz
Tektronix 3S1 sampling vertical amplifier dual trace for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3S2 sampling vertical amplifier for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3S5 sampling vertical amplifier programmable for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3S6 sampling vertical amplifier programmable for 560-series scopes
Tektronix 3S7 TDR plugin (3S7/3T7 TDR system)
Tektronix 3S76 sampling vertical amplifier
Tektronix 3T2 sampling sweep unit random sampling
Tektronix 3T5 programmable sampling sweep unit
Tektronix 3T6 programmable sampling sweep unit
Tektronix 3T7 TDR plugin (3S7/3T7 TDR system)
Tektronix 3T77 sampling sweep unit
Tektronix 4S1 sampling vertical amplifier for 661
Tektronix 4S2 sampling vertical amplifier dual trace for 661
Tektronix 4S2A sampling vertical amplifier dual trace for 661
Tektronix 4S3 sampling vertical amplifier for 661 (req. 2 x P6038)
Tektronix 5T1 sampling sweep unit for 661
Tektronix 5T1A sampling sweep unit for 661
Tektronix 5T3 sampling sweep unit for 661
Tektronix 10A1 vertical plugin for 647/647A 
Tektronix 10A2 vertical plugin for 647
Tektronix 10A2A vertical plugin for 647A
Tektronix 11B2 horizontal plugin for 647
Tektronix 11B2A horizontal plugin for 647A
Tektronix 5103N lower mainframe 2MHz
Tektronix R5103N/D10 Rackmount version of 5103N/D10
Tektronix 5103/D11 Storage mainframe
Tektronix R5103N/D12 Rackmount, Dual Beam mainframe
Tektronix 5110 mainframe 2MHz
Tektronix R5110 Rackmount mainframe
Tektronix 5111 mainframe 2MHz storage
Tektronix 5112 mainframe 2MHz dual beam
Tektronix 5113 mainframe 2MHz dual beam storage
Tektronix 5115 mainframe 2MHz storage
Tektronix 5116 Storage, High Resolution, 3 Color mainframe
Tektronix 5223 DSO mainframe, 10MHz 1MSPS 1KW
Tektronix 5403/D40 mainframe, 60 MHz
Tektronix 5440 60MHz mainframe
Tektronix 5441 60MHz storage mainframe
Tektronix 5A13N differential 2MHz 10K CMRR
Tektronix 5A14N Four Trace plug-in, 1 MHz
Tektronix 5A15N single 2MHz 1mV-5V/div
Tektronix 5A18N dual 2MHz
Tektronix 5A19N differential 2MHz 1mV
Tektronix 5A20N differential 1MHz 50uV 100K CMRR
Tektronix 5A21N differential/current probe amp 1MHz
Tektronix 5A22N differential 1MHz 10uV 100K CMRR
Tektronix 5A23N single 1.5MHz
Tektronix 5A24N single 2MHz 50 mV-1 V/div w/prototyping area
Tektronix 5A26N dual differential 1MHz
Tektronix 5A38 dual 35MHz
Tektronix 5A45 single 60MHz
Tektronix 5A48 dual 50MHz 1mV/div
Tektronix 5B10N timebase 100ns-5s/div
Tektronix 5B12N dual timebase 100ns-5s/div
Tektronix 5B13N timebase to 1us/div
Tektronix 5B25N digitizer time base, used w/5223
Tektronix 5B31 digital delay timebase
Tektronix 5B40 timebase 50MHz 10ns-5s/div
Tektronix 5B42 delaying timebase 50MHz 10ns-5s/div
Tektronix 5B44 dual timebase to 50ns/div
Tektronix 5CT1N curve tracer
Tektronix 5D10 waveform digitizer 2 ch. 100kHz roll mode
Tektronix 5L4N spectrum analyzer 20Hz-100kHz w/tracking generator
Tektronix 5S14N Delayed Sweep Sampler 1 GHz 
Tektronix P7001 digitizer module for 7704A
Tektronix R7103 mainframe, 1 GHz
Tektronix 7104 mainframe, 1 GHz
Tektronix 7250 transient digitizer 7GHz (not 7000 series)
Tektronix 7313 25MHz mainframe, split screen bistable storage
Tektronix 7403N 60MHz mainframe, w/o readout
Tektronix 7503 100MHz mainframe, linear power supply
Tektronix 7504 100MHz mainframe
Tektronix 7514 90MHz mainframe, split screen bistable storage
Tektronix 7603 100 MHz mainframe, 3 slots wide
Tektronix 7603/01/04 100 MHz mainframe, w/o Readout
Tektronix 7612D digitizer 80MHz 200MSPS 8 bit 2ch 2048 words 55lb
Tektronix 7613 100 MHz Storage mainframe
Tektronix 7623 100 MHz Storage mainframe
Tektronix 7623A 100 MHz Fast Storage mainframe 135cm/us
Tektronix 7623B 100 MHz Fast Storage mainframe 135cm/us
Tektronix 7633 100 MHz Fast Storage mainframe 135/1000cm/us
Tektronix 7704 150 MHz mainframe, 4 slots wide
Tektronix 7704A 200 MHz mainframe, 4 slots wide
Tektronix 7704A/09 250 MHz mainframe, 4 slots wide
Tektronix 7834 Storage mainframe, 400 MHz 2500cm/us
Tektronix 7844 400 MHz, mainframe, Dual Beam
Tektronix 7854 400 MHz Digital Storage mainframe
Tektronix 7903R 500 MHz mainframe
Tektronix 7904 500 MHz mainframe, 800ps rise time
Tektronix 7904A 500 MHz mainframe, 700ps rise time
Tektronix R7912 Digitizer-similar to 7912AD, older version
Tektronix 7912AD Programmable Digitizer, 500 MHz 9 bit
Tektronix 7912HB Programmable Digitizer, 750 MHz 9 bit
Tektronix 7912P programmable digitizer
Tektronix 7934 500 MHz Fast Storage mainframe 4000cm/us
Tektronix 7A11 FET probe 250MHz 1.4ns
Tektronix 7A12 dual 105-120MHz 2.9ns w/DC offset
Tektronix 7A13 differential comparator 105MHz
Tektronix 7A14 current probe amp: P6021 55MHz, P6022 120MHz
Tektronix 7A15 single 75MHz
Tektronix 7A15A single 80MHz
Tektronix 7A15AN single 80MHz
Tektronix 7A16 single 150MHz
Tektronix 7A16A single 225MHz
Tektronix 7A16P single 200MHz for 7612D, 7912AD
Tektronix 7A17 customizable 150MHz
Tektronix 7A18 dual 75MHz
Tektronix 7A18/06 dual 75MHz w/DC offset 
Tektronix 7A18A dual 75MHz (100MHz in 7904)
Tektronix 7A19 single 600MHz 50ohm
Tektronix 7A19/004 single 600MHz 50ohm w/variable delay
Tektronix 7A21N 20kHz-1GHz direct 4V/div GR-874
Tektronix 7A22 differential amp 1MHz 10uV/div
Tektronix 7A24 dual 350MHz (400MHz in 7104) 50ohm
Tektronix 7A26 dual 200MHz
Tektronix 7A29 single 1GHz 50ohm
Tektronix 7A29P single 1GHz 50ohm (for 7912AD)
Tektronix 7A42 quad 350MHz, logic trigger
Tektronix 7B10 1GHz time base
Tektronix 7B15 1GHz delaying time base
Tektronix 7B50A timebase 150MHz
Tektronix 7B51 delaying timebase 100MHz
Tektronix 7B52 dual timebase 100MHz
Tektronix 7B53A dual timebase 100MHz
Tektronix 7B70 timebase 200MHz
Tektronix 7B71 delayed timebase 200MHz
Tektronix 7B80 timebase 400MHz
Tektronix 7B80/02 X-Y horizontal compensation option
Tektronix 7B85 delayed timebase 400MHz
Tektronix 7B87 timebase 400MHz (7854)
Tektronix 7B90P timebase 400MHz (7912AD)
Tektronix 7B92 dual timebase 500MHz
Tektronix 7B92A dual timebase 500MHz
Tektronix 7CT1N curve tracer
Tektronix 7D01/DF1 logic analyzer 16ch 20MHz (req. P6451)
Tektronix 7D01/DF2 logic analyzer 16ch 20MHz (req. P6451)
Tektronix DF1 data formatter for 7D01 w/binary, hex, octal
Tektronix DF2 data formatter for 7D01 w/binary, hex, octal, ASCII, GPIB
Tektronix DL2 digital latch for 7D01 16ch 5ns
Tektronix 7D02 logic analyzer 28ch 20MHz
Tektronix 7D02/01 timing option 8ch 50MHz
Tektronix 7D02/03 expansion option 16ch
Tektronix PM101 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 - general purpose 8/16 bit
Tektronix PM101/01 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (8080)
Tektronix PM101/02 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (6502)
Tektronix PM102 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (6800)
Tektronix PM103 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (6802)
Tektronix PM104 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (8085)
Tektronix PM105 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (Z80)
Tektronix PM106 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (8086)
Tektronix PM107 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (8088)
Tektronix PM108 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (Z8002)
Tektronix PM109 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (68000)
Tektronix PM110 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (Z8001) 
Tektronix PM111 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (6809)
Tektronix PM112 personality module for 7D02/DAS9100 (Multibus)
Tektronix PM203 personality module for 1240 (MC68000)
Tektronix PM205 personality module for 1240 (MC68020 PGA)
Tektronix 7D10 digital delay
Tektronix 7D11 digital delay
Tektronix 7D12 ADC/sampling DVM
Tektronix 7D13 DMM 3.5 digit 1000V 2A 2M
Tektronix 7D13A DMM 3.5 digit 500V 2A 2M
Tektronix 7D14 counter 525MHz
Tektronix 7D15 counter 225MHz
Tektronix 7D20 dual digitizer 10MHz/70MHz 40MSPS
Tektronix 7D20T mainframe for 7D20
Tektronix 7F10 optical to electrical converter
Tektronix 7J20 optical spectrometer (??? is this a real plugin)
Tektronix 7K11 broadband preamp 30-850MHz
Tektronix 7L5 spectrum analyzer 20Hz-5MHz 80dB
Tektronix 7L5/025 tracking generator option
Tektronix 7L5/028 dot frequency/reference level readout option
Tektronix 7L5/033 log freq. display, tracking generator, and front panel LED readout option
Tektronix 7L12 spectrum analyzer 100kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 7L12/Mod 139U spectrum analyzer 100kHz-2.5GHz
Tektronix 7L13 spectrum analyzer 1kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 7L14 spectrum analyzer 10kHz-1.8GHz
Tektronix 7L18 spectrum analyzer 1.5GHz-18GHz
Tektronix 7M11 dual 50ohm 75ns delay line
Tektronix 7M13 display labeling unit
Tektronix 7P04F phase detector (?)
Tektronix 7S11 sampler, takes plugin
Tektronix 7S12 TDR/sampler, takes 2 plugins
Tektronix 7S14 sampler, complete 1GHz
Tektronix 7T11 sampling timebase
Tektronix 7T11A sampling timebase
Tektronix DL11 dual delay line 47ns w/trigger pickoffs tr=70ps
Tektronix L1 50ohm input module for 7L5
Tektronix L2 75ohm input module for 7L5
Tektronix L3 50ohm/600ohm/1M input module for 7L5
Tektronix M1 DMM module for 7D12 (4.25 digit V, R, temperature)
Tektronix M2 sample/hold module for 7D12
Tektronix M3 TRMS module for 7D12 (40Hz-100kHz)
Tektronix S-1 sampling head 1GHz
Tektronix S-2 sampling head 4.6GHz
Tektronix S-3 sampling head w/probe 1GHz 100Kohm
Tektronix S-3A sampling head w/probe 1GHz 100Kohm 
Tektronix S-4 sampling head 14GHz 25ps
Tektronix S-5 sampling head 350MHz 1Mohm w/P6010
Tektronix S-6 sampling head 11.5GHz 30ps
Tektronix S-30 calibration standard for Tek 130
Tektronix S-42 opto-electrical converter
Tektronix S-50 pulse gen head tr=25ps pw=100ns 400mV
Tektronix S-51 trigger countdown head for 7S12 18GHz
Tektronix S-52 pulse gen head tr=25ps
Tektronix S-53 trigger recognizer head for 7S12 1GHz
Tektronix S-54 pulse gen head w/pretrigger 400mV tr=1ns 
Tektronix 11201A DSO 400MHz 20MSPS 4ch
Tektronix 11301 400MHz mainframe, programmable
Tektronix 11302 500MHz mainframe, programmable, microchannel CRT
Tektronix 11302A 500MHz mainframe, programmable, microchannel CRT
Tektronix 11401 DSO mainframe 500MHz 20MSPS 10bit
Tektronix 11402 DSO mainframe 1GHz 20MSPS
Tektronix 11403 DSO mainframe color 1GHz 20MSPS
Tektronix 11A16 current probe amp plugin
Tektronix 11A32 dual vertical plugin 400 MHz
Tektronix 11A33 differential amplifier 150MHz
Tektronix 11A34 quad vertical plugin 350 MHz
Tektronix 11A52 dual vertical plugin 600 MHz
Tektronix 11A71 vertical plugin 1 GHz
Tektronix 11A72 dual vertical plugin 1 GHz
Tektronix 11T5H multistandard video trigger plugin
Tektronix 11801 DSO mainframe 20GHz 2 channel
Tektronix 11802 DSO mainframe
Tektronix SA-42 optical sampling head 6GHz (11800)
Tektronix SD-14 sampling head 3GHz dual channel 100K 0.5pF 7V P-P
Tektronix SD-20 sampling head 20GHz loopthrough, non-terminated
Tektronix SD-22 sampling head 12.5GHz dual channel
Tektronix SD-24 sampling head 20GHz dual channel, differential TDR
Tektronix SD-26 sampling head 20GHz dual channel
Tektronix SD-32 sampling head 50GHz 2.4mm
Tektronix SD-42 OE converter DC-6.4GHz 1000-1700nm (11800)
Tektronix SD-43 OE converter DC-8GHz (11800)
Tektronix SD-44 OE converter DC-15GHz 1100-1650nm (11800)
Tektronix SD-46 OE converter
Tektronix SD-48 OE converter DC-30GHz (11800)
Tektronix SD-51 trigger head 1-20GHz
Tektronix CT-3 signal pickoff for 50ohm lines 50kHz-875MHz GR/GR/BNC (See also: Bill & Stan's Passive Voltage Probes list)
Tektronix P170CF cathode follower probe for Type 517, 2X atten 
Tektronix P405 scope probe, 5X UHF connector
Tektronix P410 scope probe, 10X UHF connector
Tektronix P420 scope probe, 20X UHF connector
Tektronix P450 scope probe, 50X UHF connector
Tektronix P450L scope probe, 50X UHF connector, fixed compensation
Tektronix P500CF cathode follower probe for Type 524AD
Tektronix P510A scope probe, 10X 14pF UHF connector
Tektronix P2100 scope probe, 10X/1X 100MHz/7MHz
Tektronix P2200 scope probe, 10X/1X 200MHz
Tektronix P3010 scope probe, 10X 100MHz readout
Tektronix P4100 scope probe, 100X UHF connector
Tektronix P5100 scope probe, HV 100X 250MHz 2500V 10M 2.7pF 3m readout
Tektronix P5102 scope probe, HV 10X 100MHz 1000V 3m
Tektronix P5200 scope probe, differential 50X/500X 25MHz 1300V
Tektronix P5205 scope probe, differential 50X/500X 100MHz 1300V TekProbe
Tektronix P5210 scope probe, differential 25MHz 5600V TekProbe
Tektronix P6000 scope probe, 10X 30MHz 11.5pF UHF connector
Tektronix P6002 scope probe, 100X 9.1M 2.5pF
Tektronix P6006 scope probe, 10X 35MHz 5ns 10M 7pF 600V
Tektronix P6007 scope probe, 100X 35MHz? 10M 2.2pF 1500V
Tektronix P6008 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 7.5pF 3ns 600V "environmental"
Tektronix P6009 scope probe, 100X 175MHz 10M 2.5pF 1500V
Tektronix P6010 scope probe, 10X 200MHz 2ns 10M 10pF 2ns 3.5' (for S-5)
Tektronix P6011 scope probe, 1X 17MHz 1M 50pF 12ns
Tektronix P6012 scope probe, 10X 35MHz 10M 11.5pF 5ns
Tektronix P6013A scope probe, HV 1000X 33MHz 100M 3pF 12kV
Tektronix P6015 scope probe, HV 1000X 75MHz 20kV 100M 2.7pF
Tektronix P6015/010 scope probe, HV 1000X 75MHz 13kV 100M 2.7pF (no freon)
Tektronix P6016 scope probe, AC current probe
Tektronix P6017 scope probe, 10X 10M 14pF
Tektronix P6019 AC current probe
Tektronix P6020 AC current probe
Tektronix P6021 AC current probe 120Hz-60MHz
Tektronix P6022 AC current probe 935Hz-120MHz 6A pk
Tektronix P6023 scope probe, 10X 35Mhz 8M 12pF 7ns
Tektronix P6025 cathode follower probe 400MHz for Type N plugin
Tektronix P6026 passive probe system, interchangeable heads, 600MHz for type N sampler
Tektronix P6027 scope probe, 1X 17MHz 1M 50pF 10ns UHF
Tektronix P6028 scope probe, 1X 17MHz 1M 50pF 10ns 3.5'
Tektronix P6030 scope probe, 10X w/seek button for 3A5
Tektronix P6032 10X DC-850MHz 10M 3.6pF cathode follower probe for 4S1, 4S2, 1S1, 3S76]]
Tektronix P6034 scope probe, 10X 1.7GHz 0.7pF 0.1ns 500ohm GR-874
Tektronix P6035 scope probe, 100X 1.7GHz 0.6pF 0.1ns 5K GR-874
Tektronix P6038 scope probe, 1X 1GHz 100K 2pF w/sampler (for 3S3, 4S3 plugins) 
Tektronix P6040 AC current probe for CT-1
Tektronix P6041 AC current probe for CT-2
Tektronix P6042 DC current probe 50MHz
Tektronix P6045 FET probe 1X 230MHz
Tektronix P6046 FET probe differential 1X/10X 100MHz 5/50V 1M 10pF
Tektronix P6047 scope probe, 10X 290MHz? 10M 10pF 3'
Tektronix P6048 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 1Kohm 1pF w/AC/DC switch, 5mm tip, 6'
Tektronix P6049 scope probe, 10X 10MHz 10M 13.5pF 17ns
Tektronix P6049A scope probe, 10X 10MHz
Tektronix P6051 scope probe, FET 1GHz
Tektronix P6052 scope probe, 1X 3MHz 1M 113pF/10X 20MHz 10M 14pF
Tektronix P6053 scope probe, 10X 200MHz 12.5pF 500V readout (5mm tip) scope=15-24pF
Tektronix P6054 scope probe, 10X 200MHz 10M 9.5pF
Tektronix P6054A scope probe, 10X 250MHz 10M 9.5pF 3.5'
Tektronix P6055 scope probe, 65MHz 10X matched pair (7A13, 7A22, 7D12/M2)
Tektronix P6056 scope probe, 10X 500ohm 3.5GHz 100ps 1pF 16V (5mm tip)
Tektronix P6057 scope probe, 100X 5Kohm 1.4GHz 250ps 1pF 50V (5mm tip)
Tektronix P6058 voltage/temperature probe for 7D12/M1, 7D13, DM501 (NPN transistor)
Tektronix P6058A voltage/temperature probe for 7D13, DM501 (NPN transistor)
Tektronix P6060 scope probe, 10X 40MHz
Tektronix P6061 scope probe, 10X 60MHz
Tektronix P6062 scope probe, 1X/10X 6.5/100MHz 105/14pF 500V readout
Tektronix P6063 scope probe, 1X/10X 6/200MHz 105/14pF 500V readout
Tektronix P6063A scope probe, 1X/10X 225MHz
Tektronix P6063B scope probe, 1X/10X 6/200MHz 105/14pF 500V readout
Tektronix P6065 scope probe, 10X 75MHz
Tektronix P6065A scope probe, 10X 75MHz
Tektronix P6075 scope probe, 10X 200MHz
Tektronix P6075A scope probe, 10X 200MHz
Tektronix P6101 scope probe, 1X 15MHz 100pF 420V 2m
Tektronix P6101A scope probe, 1X 15MHz 100pF 420V 2m
Tektronix P6102 scope probe, 10X 60MHz 13pF 500V readout
Tektronix P6103 scope probe, 10X 50MHz 13pF 420V 2m
Tektronix P6104 scope probe, 10X 100MHz
Tektronix P6105 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 11pF 500V 2m readout /01=1m /03=3m 90MHz
Tektronix P6105A scope probe, 10X 100MHz 11pF 500V 2m readout /01=1m /03=3m 90MHz
Tektronix P6106 scope probe, 10X 250MHz 11pF 500V 2m readout /01=1m /03=3m 150MHz
Tektronix P6106A scope probe, 10X 250MHz 11pF 500V 2m readout /01=1m /03=3m 150MHz scope=15-35pF
Tektronix P6107 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 13pF 500V 2m readout (right angle)
Tektronix P6108 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 13pF 500V 2m 
Tektronix P6109 scope probe, 10X 150MHz 13pF 420V 2m readout TDS300/TDS400/TAS475
Tektronix P6111 scope probe, 10X 200MHz 14pF 420V 2m readout TDS300/TDS400
Tektronix P6112 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 13pF 300VRMS TDS200
Tektronix P6113 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 14pF 300VRMS
Tektronix P6114 scope probe, 10X 400MHz 14pF 300VRMS readout TDS380
Tektronix P6115 scope probe, 1X 5MHz 64pF 42V
Tektronix P6117 scope probe, 10X 200MHz 13pF 300VRMS 2m
Tektronix P6119 scope probe, 1X/10X 100MHz 100/18pF 420V 2m TDS340
Tektronix P6120 scope probe, 10X 60MHz 14pF 500V no readout
Tektronix P6121 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 11pF 500V
Tektronix P6122 scope probe, 10X 100MHz 11pF 400V 1.5m Tek 2200
Tektronix P6125 scope probe, 5X 200MHz 20pF 250V (for frequency counter)
Tektronix P6127 scope probe, 1X/10X 8/300MHz 100/12.7pF 350/500V readout
Tektronix P6129 scope probe, 1X/10X 100MHz 100/18pF 420V 2m readout Tek2200/TAS
Tektronix P6130 scope probe, 10X 250MHz 13pF 500V readout
Tektronix P6131 scope probe, 10X 300MHz 11pF 500V readout 1.3m Tek2400
Tektronix P6133 scope probe, 10X 150MHz 13pF 500V readout 2m Tek2400
Tektronix P6134 scope probe, 10X 300MHz 11pF 400V readout 1.5m
Tektronix P6135 scope probe, 10X 150MHz differential, readout
Tektronix P6136 scope probe, 10X 350MHz 11pF 500V 1.3m readout Tek2400
Tektronix P6137 scope probe, 10X 400MHz 11pF 500V 1.5m readout Tek2400
Tektronix P6138 scope probe, 10X 350MHz 10pF 300VRMS 1.3m readout TDS400
Tektronix P6138A scope probe, 10X 400MHz 10pF 300VRMS 1.3m readout TDS400
Tektronix P6139 scope probe, 10X 500MHz 8pF 500V 1.3m TDS500
Tektronix P6148 scope probe, 10X 50MHz 13pF 500V readout (right angle)
Tektronix P6149 scope probe, 10X 50MHz 13pF 500V (right angle)
Tektronix P6150 scope probe, 1X/10X 9GHz 50ohm 12.5V SMA
Tektronix P6156 scope probe, 1X/10X/20X/100X 3.5GHz 50ohm ?/15V/22V/50V readout
Tektronix P6158 scope probe, 20X 3GHz 50ohm readout
Tektronix P6201 FET probe 1X/10X/100X 900MHz 56V/200V 100K/1M 3/1.5pF
Tektronix P6202 FET probe 10X 500MHz w/power supply
Tektronix P6202A FET probe 10X/100X 500MHz 200V 10M 2pF
Tektronix P6203 active probe 10X 1GHz 40V 10K 2pF
Tektronix P6204 FET probe 10X 1GHz 40V 10M 1.9pF TekProbe
Tektronix P6205 FET probe 10X 750MHz 40V 1M 2pF TekProbe
Tektronix P6206 FET probe 10X 1GHz 40V 1M 2pF
Tektronix P6207 FET probe 10X 4GHz 40V 100K 0.4pF TekProbe SMA
Tektronix P6217 FET probe 10X 4GHz 40V 100K 0.3pF TekProbe
Tektronix P6230 500ohm probe w/offset 10X 1.5GHz
Tektronix P6231 500ohm probe w/offset 10X 1.5GHz TekProbe
Tektronix P6240 probe system for TLS216
Tektronix P6243 FET probe 10X 1GHz 40V 1M 1pF TekProbe
Tektronix P6245 FET probe 10X 1.5GHz 40V 1M 1pF TekProbe
Tektronix P6246 FET probe 1X/10X 400MHz differential 
Tektronix P6247 scope probe differential 10X/1X 1000MHz
Tektronix P6248 scope probe differential 10X/1X 1.5GHz
Tektronix P6249 FET probe 5X 4GHz TekProbe
Tektronix P6401 logic probe
Tektronix P6406 word recognizer probe
Tektronix P6407 word recognizer probe
Tektronix P6408 word recognizer/trigger probe 16+1ch
Tektronix P6420 RF voltage probe 10kHz-1GHz
Tektronix P6430 temperature probe for DM43, DM44, DM502, Tek 851
Tektronix P6434 logic analyzer probe
Tektronix P6440 24 ch state probe, 1205
Tektronix P6441 8 ch timing probe, 1205
Tektronix P6442 16 ch probe, 1220 and 1225
Tektronix P6443 probe, Tek 1230
Tektronix P6444 probe, Tek 1230
Tektronix P6450 8 ch probe, DB25P connector (LA501)
Tektronix P6451 8 ch probe, 7D01, 7D02, 318, 338
Tektronix P6452 8 ch probe, DAS9100
Tektronix P6453 4 ch probe, DAS9100
Tektronix P6454 clock probe 100MHz 1M 5pF SMB connector
Tektronix P6455 8 ch TTL pattern gen probe, DAS9100
Tektronix P6460 8/9 ch probe, 1240 and DAS9100
Tektronix P6461 8/9 ch probe 200MHz DAS9200
Tektronix P6462 8/9 ch probe TTL only, 1240 and DAS9100
Tektronix P6463 8/16 ch pattern gen probe, DAS9100
Tektronix P6464 pattern gen probe 50MHz, DAS9100
Tektronix P6465 pattern gen probe DAS 92S16/92S32
Tektronix P6487 high speed acquisition probe
Tektronix P6490 20 ch acquisition probe
Tektronix P6501 card-mountable microprobe 10X 750MHz 1.8pF
Tektronix P6561A scope probe 10X 200MHz SMT
Tektronix P6562A scope probe 10X 350MHz SMT
Tektronix P6563A scope probe 20X 500MHz SMT
Tektronix P6601 RTD temperature probe 240°C for DM501A, DM502A
Tektronix P6602 RTD? temperature probe 230°C for DM511, DM5110, 2236, 2445, 2465
Tektronix P6701 OE converter DC-700MHz 450-1000nm
Tektronix P6703 OE converter DC-1GHz 1300nm
Tektronix P7260 active probe 6GHz 0.5pF
Tektronix YT5060 scope probe 60MHz
Tektronix YT5100 scope probe 10X/1X 100MHz/5MHz
Tektronix A605 current probe
Tektronix A610 AC/DC current probe 2-500A banana plug
Tektronix A620 AC current probe 100mA-1200A 1Hz-50kHz
Tektronix A621 AC current probe
Tektronix A622 current probe 
Tektronix A6302 DC current probe 50MHz 20A
Tektronix A6302XL DC current probe 17MHz 20A (AM503B/AM5030)
Tektronix A6303 DC current probe 15MHz 100A
Tektronix A6303XL DC current probe 10MHz 100A
Tektronix A6304XL DC current probe 2MHz 500A
Tektronix A6312 DC current probe 100MHz 20A
Tektronix TCP202 DC current probe 50MHz 15A TekProbe
Tektronix A6701 18 bit word recognizer
Tektronix A6901 ground isolation monitor
Tektronix A6902B isolation amp DC-20MHz
Tektronix A6906S 1 channel fiber optic isolation system 100MHz GPIB
Tektronix A6907 4 channel isolator 60MHz GPIB
Tektronix A6909 2 channel isolator 60MHz GPIB
Tektronix C51 scope camera 0.5X f/1.2
Tektronix C53 scope camera 0.85X f/1.9
Tektronix C59A scope camera 0.76X f/2.8 for large screen CRT (7603, 576, 5000)
Tektronix C1001 scope camera, CCD 490V x 384H pixels
Tektronix C1002 scope camera, CCD 490V x 728H pixels
Tektronix DX02 dual power supply/video amp for C1002
Tektronix AA501 distortion analyzer 10Hz-100kHz
Tektronix AA501A distortion analyzer 10Hz-100kHz
Tektronix AF501 audio filter/generator 0-35kHz
Tektronix AM501 op amp +-40V in/out 50V/usec
Tektronix AM502 differential amp 1MHz 100dB CMRR
Tektronix AM503 current probe amp for A6302
Tektronix AM503A current probe amp for A6302
Tektronix AM503B current probe amp for A6302, digital display
Tektronix AM511 CATV preamp for 7L12, 7L13 30-890MHz
Tektronix DC501 counter 110MHz 7 digit
Tektronix DC502 counter 550MHz 7 digit
Tektronix DC503 counter 2ch 100MHz 7 digit
Tektronix DC503A counter 2ch 125MHz 8 digit
Tektronix DC504 counter 80MHz 5 digit
Tektronix DC504A counter 100MHz 6 digit
Tektronix DC505 counter 2ch 225MHz
Tektronix DC505A counter 2ch 225MHz 7 digit
Tektronix DC508 counter 1GHz 9 digit
Tektronix DC508A counter 1.3GHz
Tektronix DC508A/07 counter 1.3GHz (TR502)
Tektronix DC509 counter 135MHz reciprocal 8 digit
Tektronix DC510 counter 350MHz reciprocal 9 digit
Tektronix DD501 digital delay 10-99999 events 65MHz
Tektronix DL502 digital latch
Tektronix DM501 DMM 4.5 digit w/temperature
Tektronix DM501A DMM 4.5 digit TRMS 
Tektronix DM502 DMM 3.5 digit
Tektronix DM502A DMM 3.5 digit TRMS autorange
Tektronix DM504A DMM 4.5 digit TRMS autorange
Tektronix DM505 DMM 3.5 digit
Tektronix DM511 DMM 4.5 digit autorange
Tektronix DP501 digital prescaler 1.3GHz
Tektronix FG501 FG 1MHz
Tektronix FG501A FG 2MHz
Tektronix FG502 FG 11MHz
Tektronix FG503 FG 3MHz 20Vpp
Tektronix FG504 FG 40MHz sweep
Tektronix FG507 FG 2MHz sweep
Tektronix LA501 logic analyzer (2 slot)
Tektronix MR501 XY display
Tektronix OR502 Optical-to-Electrical Converter
Tektronix OIG502 Optical Impulse Generator
Tektronix OT502 Electrical-to-Optical Converter 850nm
Tektronix OT503 Electrical-to-Optical Converter
Tektronix PG501 PG 50MHz 3.5ns
Tektronix PG502 PG 250MHz 1ns
Tektronix PG505 PG 100kHz 80V
Tektronix PG506 calibration pulse generator 60V
Tektronix PG507 PG 50MHz dual output 3.5ns
Tektronix PG508 PG 50MHz dual width 5.5ns adj
Tektronix PS501 power supply 0-20V 400mA, 5V 1A
Tektronix PS501-1 power supply 0-20V 400mA, 5V 2A
Tektronix PS502 dual power supply 10-20V 400mA
Tektronix PS503 dual power supply 0-20V 400mA
Tektronix PS503A triple power supply +5V 1A 0-20V 1A
Tektronix PS505 power supply 3-5.5V 4A
Tektronix RG501 ramp generator
Tektronix SC501 scope single 5MHz (1 slot)
Tektronix SC502 scope dual 15MHz
Tektronix SC503 scope 10MHz storage
Tektronix SC504 scope 80MHz dual
Tektronix SG502 oscillator 5Hz-500kHz THD 0.035%
Tektronix SG503 leveled sine wave generator 250kHz-250MHz 5mV-5.5VPP
Tektronix SG504 leveled sine wave generator 245MHz-1050MHz
Tektronix SG505 oscillator 10Hz-100kHz low distortion (0.0008% THD 20Hz-20kHz)
Tektronix SG505 WR oscillator 10Hz-100kHz low distortion (0.0008% THD 20Hz20kHz) w/IM test signal option 60/250Hz
Tektronix SW503 sweep generator w/markers 1-400MHz
Tektronix TG501 time mark generator 1ns-5s
Tektronix TM501 TM500 mainframe
Tektronix TM503 TM500 mainframe
Tektronix TM504 TM500 mainframe 
Tektronix TM506 TM500 mainframe
Tektronix TM515 TM500 mainframe portable
Tektronix TR501 tracking generator 100kHz-1.8GHz for 7L12
Tektronix TR502 tracking generator 100kHz-1.8GHz for 7L12, 7L13
Tektronix TR503 tracking generator 100kHz-1.8GHz for 492
Tektronix TVC501 time to voltage converter
Tektronix WR501 word recognizer
Tektronix AFG5101 arbitrary function generator 12MHz 3-slot
Tektronix AFG5102 arbitrary function generator 3-slot
Tektronix AA5001 distortion analyzer GPIB (option 02 = IMD)
Tektronix AM5030 current probe amp
Tektronix CG5010 scope amplitude calibrator 500MHz
Tektronix CG5011 scope calibration generator (Tegam)
Tektronix DA4084 distortion analyzer w/SINAD w/mainframe
Tektronix DC5009 counter 135MHz
Tektronix DC5010 counter 350MHz
Tektronix DM5010 DMM 4.5 digit TRMS autorange math (no current)
Tektronix DM5110 DMM
Tektronix DM5120 DMM 6.5 digit
Tektronix FG5010 FG 0.002Hz-20MHz GPIB
Tektronix PS5004 PS 0-20V 0-300mA 4.5digit GPIB
Tektronix PS5010 PS 32V 0.75A 32V 0.75A 5V 3A GPIB
Tektronix SG5030 Programmable Leveled Sine Wave Generator 0.1Hz-550MHz 4.5mV 5.5V
Tektronix SG5050 leveled sine-wave generator 10kHz-2.5GHz (Tegam)
Tektronix TM5003 mainframe
Tektronix TM5006 mainframe
Tektronix AFG310 arbitrary waveform generator 16MHz 1 ch
Tektronix AFG320 arbitrary waveform generator 16MHz 2 ch
Tektronix CFC250 counter 100MHz
Tektronix CMC251 counter 1.3GHz 8 digit
Tektronix CFG250 FG 2MHz sweep
Tektronix CFG253 FG 3MHz
Tektronix CPS250 triple power supply 2x(0-20V 0.5A) 5V 2A
Tektronix CFG280 FG 11MHz w/counter
Tektronix CDM250 DMM 3.5 digit
Tektronix DCM910 DMM w/AC/DC clamp 1000A
Tektronix DCS100 digital scope camera system
Tektronix DSA602 DSO 1GHz 2GSPS 8bit color
Tektronix HC100 color inkjet printer/plotter
Tektronix HFS9003 Stimulus System (3 slot 12 channel PG mainframe)
Tektronix HFS9010 precision pulse generator VXI
Tektronix HFS9020 precision pulse generator VXI
Tektronix HFS9030 precision pulse generator VXI
Tektronix PFG5101 programmable pulse/function generator 
Tektronix PFG5105 programmable pulse/function generator 12MHz sweep LCD GPIB
Tektronix PS2510G programmable PS 0-36V 3.5A
Tektronix PS2520 programmable PS 2 x 0-36V, 0-6V
Tektronix RFM150 SignalScout CATV tester 5-1080MHz LCD
Tektronix SCD5000 transient digitizer 4.5GHz
Tektronix SIU800 static isolation unit
Tektronix T912 scope 10MHz 1 ch storage
Tektronix T921 scope 15MHz 1 ch
Tektronix T922 scope 15MHz 2 ch
Tektronix T922R scope 15MHz 2 ch rack mount
Tektronix T932 scope 35MHz
Tektronix T935 scope 35MHz delayed sweep
Tektronix TAS250 scope dual 50MHz
Tektronix TAS475 scope 4ch 100MHz
Tektronix TDS210 DSO 60MHz 2 ch
Tektronix TDS220 DSO 100MHz 2 ch
Tektronix TDS224 DSO 100MHz 4 ch
Tektronix TDS310 DSO 50MHz 200MSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS310/14 scope, 50 MHz, 2 Channel, 200Ms/s, Opt. 14 adds RS232/GPIB
Tektronix TDS320 DSO 100MHz 1GSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS340 DSO 100MHz 500MSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS340A DSO 100MHz 500MSPS 2 ch w/FFT, floppy
Tektronix TDS350 DSO 200MHz 1GSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS350 DSO 200MHz 2GSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS380 DSO 400MHz 2GSPS 2 ch w/FFT, floppy
Tektronix TDS420 DSO 150MHz 100MSPS 4 ch
Tektronix TDS420A DSO 200MHz 4 ch
Tektronix TDS430A DSO 400MHz 100MSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS460 DSO 350MHz 4 ch
Tektronix TDS520B
Tektronix TDS540 scope, 500 MHz, 2 GS/s, 4 Channel
Tektronix TDS540B
Tektronix TDS620B DSO 500MHz 2.5GSPS 15Ks
Tektronix TDS644B
Tektronix TDS680B
Tektronix TDS684B
Tektronix TDS724A
Tektronix TDS744A
Tektronix TDS754A DPO 500MHz 4ch
Tektronix TDS784A
Tektronix TDS794D DPO 2GHz 4ch
Tektronix TDS1002 DSO 60MHz 2ch
Tektronix TDS1012 DSO 100MHz 2ch
Tektronix TDS2002 DSO 60MHz 2ch color
Tektronix TDS2012 DSO 100MHz 2ch color 320x240
Tektronix TDS2014 DSO 100MHz 4ch color
Tektronix TDS2022 DSO 200MHz 2ch color
Tektronix TDS2024 DSO 200MHz 4ch color
Tektronix TDS3012 scope DPO 100MHz 1.25GSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS3014 scope DPO 100MHz 1.25GSPS 4 ch
Tektronix TDS3032 scope DPO 300MHz 1.25GSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS3034 scope DPO 300MHz 1.25GSPS 4 ch
Tektronix TDS3052 scope DPO 500MHz 2.5GSPS 2 ch 
Tektronix TDS3054 scope DPO 500MHz 2.5GSPS 4 ch
Tektronix TDS5032B DPO 350MHz 5GSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS5034B DPO 350MHz 5GSPS 4 ch
Tektronix TDS5052B DPO 500MHz 5GSPS 2 ch
Tektronix TDS5054B DPO 500MHz 5GSPS 4 ch
Tektronix TDS5104B DPO 1GHz 5GSPS 4 ch
Tektronix THM550 scope/DMM, Digital Storage, 5 MHz, 25 Ms/s, 1 Ch.
Tektronix THM560 scope/DMM, Digital Storage, 5 MHz, 25 Ms/s, 2Ch.
Tektronix THM565 scope/DMM 2 ch
Tektronix TR210 Huntron tracker 3-60V 60-2000Hz 

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